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29th Nov 2006, 23:05
I came across this a few years ago and had fun working it out, only remembered it again today when I went to find it for a friend.

Yes darlings, I tried searching PPRUNE both with the search engine and google but no returns, so voila.

There are five houses in a row and in five different colours.

In each house lives a person from a different country.

Each person drinks a certain drink, plays a certain sport, and keeps a certain pet.

No two people drink the same drink, play the same sport, or keep the same pet.

* The Brit lives in a red house
* The Swede keeps dogs
* The Dane drinks tea
* The green house is on the left of the white house
* The green house owner drinks coffee
* The person who plays polo rears birds
* The owner of the yellow house plays hockey
* The man living in the house right in the centre drinks milk
* The Norwegian lives in the first house
* The man who plays baseball lives next to the man who keeps cats
* The man who keeps horses lives next to the one who plays hockey
* The man who plays billiards drinks beer
* The German plays soccer
* The Norwegian lives next to the blue house
* The man who plays baseball has a neighbour who drinks water.

Who Owns The Fish?

brain fade
29th Nov 2006, 23:08
No one owns the fish.

How can you own fish?

Yousa silly sausage!:p :p :p :p :p

29th Nov 2006, 23:13
No, WHO was on first base.


30th Nov 2006, 02:09
The fish is owned by the soccer-playing, coffee-drinking German who lives in the green house. :ok:

Dea Certe
30th Nov 2006, 07:14
Fish? What fish? I think that's a red herring! :eek:


30th Nov 2006, 10:02
I think you just said that for the halibut, Dea. :)

Lafyar Cokov
30th Nov 2006, 10:52
Mods, I think this thread has lost its sole............

Tricky Woo
30th Nov 2006, 10:59
The German owns the fishy.


30th Nov 2006, 11:01
Mods, I think this thread has lost its sole............
And fallen flat.
What's more, something seems fishy . . .

30th Nov 2006, 11:05
Beat ya to it, Tricky ... not to be too koi about it. :)

I claim first plaice. :ok:

Tricky Woo
30th Nov 2006, 12:20
Buggah off, Bluey. You wuz peepin over me shoulder.


30th Nov 2006, 12:27
Unless the fish was a sturgeon in the UK, 'cos Auntie Betty Windsor owns all of them.....

Tricky Woo
30th Nov 2006, 12:31
Really? Never seen a British sturgeon while fishing on the Peak Forest canal. Does she keep 'em in some fish tank somewhere?


30th Nov 2006, 12:46
She usually lets the catcher keep it - there was one caught in South Wales a coupla years ago. She also owns whales (as well as Wales) and dolphins.

See here (http://www.royal.gov.uk/output/Page4833.asp) and scroll down a tad to "Fact 79".

30th Nov 2006, 17:24
Tricky - perhaps sturgeon can't swim upstairs

tony draper
30th Nov 2006, 17:27
The one that took my appendix out could, the operating theater was on the second floor.

30th Nov 2006, 17:36
I think it was the person that rears birds...