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29th Nov 2006, 10:22
BBC: Gaddafi in Nigeria airport drama

Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi has been involved in a diplomatic incident as he arrived in the Nigerian capital, Abuja, for a summit.

Nigerian officials say Col Gaddafi was accompanied by more than 200 heavily armed Libyan bodyguards. When security officers refused to allow them to keep their weapons, an argument ensued and Col Gaddafi stormed off......

The size of Libya's delegation was not a problem, it seems, just the sheer amount of weapons and ammunition they carried. So Nigerian security refused to let them proceed to the capital. As arguments raged, the Libyan leader angrily set off on foot, intending to walk some 40km (25 miles) to the capital, before he was persuaded to return to the airport lounge.

By sheer coincidence, President Obasanjo was passing through the airport at the same time. He intervened in person and proposed that the weapons could be allowed through if they were registered first. But the Nigerians say that was rejected and the Libyan delegation threatened to fly home. Incensed, the Nigerians said that was fine with them and told the delegation that instead of the original compromise, they could now only carry eight pistols if they wanted to enter Nigeria, like any other diplomatic security detail. They ordered that the rest of the weaponry had to be put back on the Libyan official jet.

After a stand-off lasting several hours, the Libyans backed down and finally made their way to Nigeria's capital.

29th Nov 2006, 12:21
Such things have happened with Gaddafi snr/jnr delegations before. Not on this scale though!

tony draper
29th Nov 2006, 12:30
Yer seen the chap interviewed once, interestingly he seems to fart a lot.:rolleyes:
Churchill used to wander about in the war years with just one chap with a .45 watching his back.

29th Nov 2006, 13:01
1. ........... interestingly he seems to fart a lot.

2. Churchill used to wander about in the war years with just one chap with a .45 watching his back.

1. And Churchill?

2. Churchill records somewhere a meeting with Stalin and other Sunday-school teachers to which all were admitted only after depositing their pistols at the door. Churchill duly gave his up but forgot to mention he had another in his hip-pocket, so to speak. It gave him, he noted, a great feeling of comfort in that company to be the only armed man at the table.

29th Nov 2006, 14:36
More than 200???

That's an invasion - not a delegation. Just ask Poland.

30th Nov 2006, 00:06
What has me puzzled is, if President Obasanjo was "coincidentally" leaving at the time, who was Gaddafi coming to see?

With 200 gun packing companions, perhaps he was calling on some "business associates" who had enlisted his aid in getting US$25,000,000 out of the country?

30th Nov 2006, 00:10
you beat me to it :(

Check 6
30th Nov 2006, 00:58
What if this had happened in Paris?
CLICK HERE (http://z.about.com/d/politicalhumor/1/0/J/S/chirac_sweetsurrender.jpg)to find out.

Al Fakhem
30th Nov 2006, 02:12
So many people with guns around Gadaffi and not one of them does the right thing .........:ugh: