View Full Version : Oh, fippin' ek!! Wot's it like in Canadia at Christmas?

Loose rivets
29th Nov 2006, 08:34
My lot have decided to go from the warmth of the Texas Valley, to Niagara. Just after Christmas. ‘Twas 90f here yesterday.....Folk come from up there to be Winter Texans....Wadda we going to be Winter Ice-lollies? Do the falls...er, fall in the winter, or are they petrified and stand frozen in time waiting for more sane temperatures?

One phoned the Rivetess and she said...yea! Let's join them. Not fair that...she's in North London getting used to the climate...

Barmy kids. I havn't even got any long pants!!!:ugh:

29th Nov 2006, 09:29
It's going to be warm and balmy mate. All those pictures of people wrapped up outside are just taken of people leaving the airconditioned malls, which are very cold. You'll be fine with shorts and t-shirt, maybe not first thing in the morning when there's a slight chill.

29th Nov 2006, 09:42
Of course your kids are barmy; look at their Dad. ;)

And rainboe's entirely correct. Global warming has reached Canada (just ask Jerricho and RT); it'll be like visiting the Victoria Falls.

You have a balmy Christmas now you hear. :ok:

29th Nov 2006, 12:25

-36 with the wind.

I dunno bout you, but I would put up with a wet, damp, London winter anyday.

I have been reasonably lucky to date. Here in Ontario, it has been very mild, grey and cloudy, with light fog in the AM. Most day temps are aroun 5-15 degrees.

But the deep freeze is on it's way, or so I have been told.

29th Nov 2006, 15:11
Christmas still doesn't feel quite right to me here in the N. Hemisphere. I've tried wearing shorts and a T-shirt and doing the BBQ thing, only to get yelled at that "You'll get frostbite!" and watching the food re-freeze as you take it off the hotplate and your beer freeze in your hand.

With under a month to go, it's -17C at the moment, the wind is a little on the brisk side at 14 kts (gusts up to 21)....... we had 25 cms of snow yesterday but the place hasn't ground to a halt. The stupidly cold temps don't really tend to start till after New Year (like below -30 before wind chill), and tend to last for maybe 2 weeks. You have to "plug your car in" (engines have a block heater that keeps the oil and stuff warm so you can start it). If you have wet hair, it instantly freezes when you walk outside. Rubber things break real easy (I actually managed to split the sole of one of my Dr. Marten boots coz it froze). The air in your tyres freezes and when you drive off, it feels like you've got square tyres (which given some of the backwards people round here, the concept of a round wheel is still catching on)

But I've got underfloor radiant heating through the entire house (and garage). None of them screwy unsightly radiators or forced air heating. I can honestly say I have built an igloo. I've asked Santa for a Ski-doo sled. The air is so damn clean and crisp. I have an excuse to buy my silly SUV (came in hand last night getting to work). My ice skating still sucks, but I'm working on it (next year I'm gonna try and build a rink my my back yard). Christmas lights in the snow just look so much better.

Give me the cold any day. -40 or +40? It's easier to warm up than cool down. Sure, you look like the Michelin man (Canada Goose Jackets are the way to go :ok: )........but you can certainly invent ways of keeping warm. Like setting the couch on fire :E

Loose rivets
29th Nov 2006, 16:41
So, on average, it'll turn out nice.

Note to self: Pack Moscow hat, Michelin man coat, shorts, high heels and nothing made of rubber.:ooh:

29th Nov 2006, 17:31
shorts, high heels and nothing made of rubber.

You Essex Girl !

1st Dec 2006, 00:07
Canadia? Is that where the Canadans come from?

The weather for Borneo over Xmas isn't looking too good at the moment. With temperatures forecast to drop to the lower 30s and even down to 28 at night, we'll all be breaking out the Tog13 duvets and sleeping with the fans off by next week, I reckon.

Buster Hyman
1st Dec 2006, 00:38
Once you're there I reckon it'd be fine...it's getting past those guys in the tower that would be the annoying part!

Two's in
1st Dec 2006, 04:49
You'll also learn all about 'Lake Effect Snow' - no swimwear required...


Loose rivets
1st Dec 2006, 05:25
It dropped like a stone to 65f here today. I fekkkkkkkkkkin' froze. My blood is so thin now that it comes out with me sweat. A woolly pully feels like a space-suit. A jacket is a distant memory.

Me Chow Chow is so fluffed up that she looks like a fat "lady of the night" in a fur coat. One with a shiney black wet nose to boot. Mmmm...thinks, so it's not all bad:E

Cold is wot is found in the freezer, a place where ice cubes are made. One would not walk about in the icemaker....why am I paying to go to a place where fuel freezes and brass monkeys drop their balls?

My sheepskin coat is in a box in Frinton...as is me hi-neck jumper, boots, gloves and thermals.

One truely thinks that they have got 180 degrees out of phase with reality.

Bum!.......Bum bum bum! that's what I say.

You'll also learn all about 'Lake Effect Snow' - no swimwear required...

One will talk intelligently about this while huddled round the fire in the hotel.

They do not know that they are going to have a fire, but the logs are on their way.

EDIT again cos it's just okerrrrred to me that this is the first month that I havn't paid a fortune to pump heat out of me house. One is going to take a pill and lie down.

1st Dec 2006, 05:46
Weather has been pretty whacky all across Canada this Fall. Not meeting expectations. We've just finished Nov. and have broken all time records for rainfall and snowfall while the east has been unseasonably warm.

Too early to predict Christmas weather. Check a forecast about a week before you go - it should give a reasonble indication.

Layers are a good thing.

The falls look good at night - half frozen and illuminated. The rest of the town is pretty tacky.

There is a casino where you can leave your Canadian dollars.

Al Fakhem
1st Dec 2006, 07:05
Oh, fippin' ek!! Wot's it like in Canadia at Christmas?

Much like in Canada, perhaps.