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29th Nov 2006, 09:04
A beautiful day dawns on London. No leaves on the line today, what?

Checking the Tfl website, there's the 'Transport vision for the future' as the first link - a cleft-nosing tribute to the self-aggrandising mayor, penned by some pernicious, oleaginous lickspittle.

And just above it? No Circle line, District line dead West of Whitechapel (which in in East London, for those of you not here), and Heathrow is cut off.

War is Peace
Freedom is Slavery
Ignorance is Strength

Nurse! The screens!

29th Nov 2006, 09:31
BOFH you have a way with words that describes TfL to a tee. Please when will somebody credible stand for mayor? For those of us in London, can you imagine having to put up with that leftist pillock for another term?

tony draper
29th Nov 2006, 09:48
"pernicious, oleaginous lickspittle" **** me!! thats good,going in me word book that is.