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29th Nov 2006, 06:19
Maybe FL or Davaar can let us know what his chances are? Before you dismiss them, remember Seymour and the Flamborough Judgement (http://www.parliament.the-stationery-office.co.uk/pa/cm199798/cmselect/cmenvtra/969/96911.htm). There are a lot of old rights and duties which still trip up government, business and lawyers when they get into the hands of a judge... ;) ;)

The Times: Lord of the manor stands in way of 2,000 homes plan (http://www.timesonline.co.uk/newspaper/0,,172-2477611,00.html)

It could be the shrewdest investment Timothy Shorland ever made. In 1990 the retired building contractor paid £7,500 for an ancient charter which gave him the title Lord of the Manor of Hempton and Northwick in south Gloucestershire.

Part of Mr Shorland’s medieval domain is today better known as Filton airport north of Bristol. The land is owned by BAE Systems which is now planning to build 2,000 homes on one overgrown corner of the airfield.

Having consulted his lawyers, Mr Shorland claims that the £100 million development infringes his right, bestowed by Royal Charter in 1331, to farm rabbits on the site......

Loose rivets
29th Nov 2006, 08:25
I've got the perfect answer.

Let them build the 2,000 homes, but a stipulation of ownership must be that each householder must house a bunny rabbit.

On mutually agreed days, his knobship can blaze away in Filton Avenue or Brabizon square to his heart's content. He should however be obliged to shout the shooting equivalent of ‘FOUR!!!' before pulling the trigger. Perhaps DUCK! or SODDOFF COMMONER! or ‘HEAR BUNNY BUNNY' anything really to get his people to prostrate themselves.