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27th Nov 2006, 18:58
When I joined Queen and country in 77, there was a collection of historic aircraft in a hangar at Swinderby. Amongst others a bomber Mosquito; and when I saw the similar machine at Cosford yesterday, I wondered if it was the same Swinderby machine, and indeed where did the Swinderby collection get dispersed to. Anybody know? There was about 5 aircraft in the collection, but the 30 year interim has got to me and I cannot recall the specifics of the other types.

Molesworth Hold
28th Nov 2006, 10:06
Well thanks mate, you made me climb into my loft which for someone of my advancing years and lack of dexterity is never a good thing.
I found a couple of books, Vintage Aircraft Directory 1979 5th edition by Gordon Riley and British Aircraft Museums 1978 3rd edition again by Gordon Riley.

The Swinderby Mossie was TJ138, from what I can find it was previously at Colerne and I can only assume it ended up at Swinderby after Colerne closed. I'm not sure when that would be as it's not mentioned in the 1978 book but appears in the 1979 book.

Other aircraft noted at being at Swinderby in the 1978 book were:

Auster T7 WE600
Messerschmitt 163 191904
Percival Proctor II Z7197
Percival Provost T1 XF545
Percival Jet Provost T1 XD674
Vickers Supermarine Swift FR5 WK281

The 1979 book shows the Messerschmitt 163 at St Athan.

28th Nov 2006, 12:07
Mossie TJ138 is now at the Hendon museum apparently...

29th Nov 2006, 10:46
The Swinderby aircraft were originally part of the Finningley station collection (although I don't remember the Me 163), used to see them in the static park every September. I think they were moved out of Finningley to make space for the Royal Review in 1977.