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27th Nov 2006, 14:44
India carries out anti-missile test (http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/ap/world/4361906.html) NEW DELHI — India on Monday carried out its first successful test interception of a ballistic missile, using a second missile to destroy the incoming rocket, the Defense Ministry said.....

Hmm, wonder how much of their technology they got from from the Israeli Arrow system. I think they Americans will be more than a might suspicious....

Arrow TMD (http://www.globalsecurity.org/space/systems/arrow.htm) .....The Green Pine radar used by the Arrow 2 was sold to India with US approval, and was deployed in India in 2001. In early 2002 American officials sought to stop Israel from selling the Arrow 2 interceptor missile to India, arguing that the sale would violate the Missile Technology Control Regime.

27th Nov 2006, 14:55
Just who do the US think they are?
I think we should be told.

tony draper
27th Nov 2006, 15:14
Buggah !!,now we shall have to come up with the anti anti missile missile system.

27th Nov 2006, 15:34
The policy of standing in the way of technology transfer to India is out the window. India is rapidly shaping up as a strategic ally of democracy and civilization and the sooner they bulk up, the better.

West Coast
27th Nov 2006, 15:42
"Just who do the US think they are?"

The owner of proprietary information would be my guess as relates to this case.

27th Nov 2006, 15:48
Just who do the US think they are?
I think we should be told.

Let's see, there's:

- The big dog :}
- The only superpower (with competition working hard to surpass us) :cool:
- A country full of generally nice, sometimes naive, folks :)
- A place that one helluva lot of folks are really eager to get into ;)
- The Evil Empire/Britain's master :E
- A country able to manipulate the weather, the global climate, world oil prices, and hide aliens :sad:
- The exporter of fast food and 'bling' culture :{
- Savior of Europe (twice) :ok:
- Home of Hollywood :mad:
- Great rejectors (mostly) of 'football (soccer) and the metric system :}

Did I miss any for either side?

27th Nov 2006, 15:53
Just who do the US think they are? I think we should be told They're the ones who supplied the technology to Israel, and a lot of the funding, on the agreement it wasn't sold on. You will remember they got very upset when Israel was going to sell China AWACS aircraft developed the same way.

It would appear the signing of the recent agreement on civil nuclear cooperation* (http://www.nti.org/e_research/e3_67a.html) opened the door for Israel to sell to India. But you have to be impressed by how rapidly it was turned into a prototype system and tested. Seeing as how the Senate only voted on it on 17th November (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/south_asia/6155842.stm), and Bush still has to sign it... :hmm: :hmm:

*Under the reported terms of the deal, in exchange for placing its civilian nuclear facilities under international monitoring, India would obtain a free hand to purchase previously restricted conventional weapons, most notably Israel’s Arrow missile defense system, a partially U.S. funded program aided by infusions of U.S. technology.[4]