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Atlas Shrugged
27th Nov 2006, 04:57
Just finished watching Iron Chef America which is now on instead of the orginal Iron Chef. :ugh: :mad:

Not impressed!!! :mad:

One is a huge devotee to the original and has a regular ritual of sitting down with a large glass (or bottle) of VB to watch the Iron Chef's battle it out although I am mildly pleased that it follows the original fairly closely, but nothing compares to the magnificently dubbed Japanese version, the 90's outfits and amusing comments that the judges and commentators make.

Curious to what other Iron Chef fans think

Buster Hyman
27th Nov 2006, 05:10

Oh puh-lease! They look like friggin astronauts! Only the Japs can do Kitsch!

28th Nov 2006, 03:07
Agree totally ATLAS absolute shite. http://www.augk18.dsl.pipex.com/Smileys/c003.gif

Atlas Shrugged
4th Feb 2007, 23:43
Well, well - The original version is back :D :D

Iron Chef Saki reigned surpreme this week with special ingredient Snails!

5th Feb 2007, 00:09
Yes and the disgusted look on Sakais face when presented with the snails was priceless

Tin hates feckin snails hid under the bedcovers.

Arm out the window
5th Feb 2007, 05:46
No, no way you could top the original.

"And tonight's special ingredient .... eels!!"
(Chairman Kaga takes a big bite out of his capsicum while turning to stare off into the distance).

... later, as lovely young actress samples the food ...

"mmm, it has a delicate flavour that is somehow ... ah, how shall I put it ... particularly delicious, especially the marinated eel livers. I like it very much!"

7th Feb 2007, 09:31
Todays special ingredient - Soylent Green

7th Feb 2007, 11:02
Feel I must comment: you say " only the Japs can do Kitsch!"

Sunshine, from our perspective, their whole LIFE is Kitsch!
(and sometimes that's not all bad - please, please note I did say "sometimes.") :)

No Further Requirements
7th Feb 2007, 11:39
I, too, was quite annoyed at the American version. Each to their own, and I'm sure it's quite popular, but the original is the best!

I hang out each weef for both the theme ingredient, and to see what Chairman Kaga will wear (borrowed from Micheal Jackson's wardrobe!) I'm a bit of a junkie, I must admit - I even have the official guide book!



Nil Flaps
7th Feb 2007, 14:14
Old version or new, IRON CHEF was always a big bag of [email protected]