View Full Version : Who do you think should replace Andy Robinson?

27th Nov 2006, 00:47
So, in your opinion - who should the next England Head coach be?

I'd like to see Martin Johnson take on the role. A true inspirational leader.

27th Nov 2006, 01:14
Great players don't automatically make great coaches...

It would be hard to imagine Johnson's reprimands regarding discipline being taken seriously in a dressing room...

Either way, its too late for England, even with a change of coach, they have sod all preparation & competition time left for the world cup.

At present the Kiwi's are a shoo in, Ireland are Europes best bet, the Boks are the unknown quantity, Argentina may up end stronger teams in the group stages - thus throwing it all up for grabs.

Who knows?

27th Nov 2006, 01:19
I agree with your first point re players becoming coaches. But I don't think England need another coach, I think they need a 'man manager'. I firmly believe Johno is the man to do this....

According to BBC website he's the running along with Warren Gatland and Nick Mallet.

I agree that we're buggered for this world cup...God help us.:ugh:

27th Nov 2006, 01:29
Man management is the first criterea for any coach, not always possessed by ex Captains. May sound suprising but its true. Captains direct, they don't manage.

Gatland has had his chance before and failed miserably IMHO.

henry crun
27th Nov 2006, 07:06
I understand Tony Blair will be available soon, he would probably be more successful than Robinson. :p

27th Nov 2006, 08:03
Well how about Anne Robinson, she ought to be able to give them a hard time, and they´ll only have to change 2 letters on the door. :}

27th Nov 2006, 11:48
Orac - funny as fvck - and what's more, she hates the Welsh. Great choice :ok:

27th Nov 2006, 14:50
I reckon my mum could do a better job than the current England coach! However, I cannot imagine even my mum getting a result against NZ at the moment. Awesome team.

bar fly
27th Nov 2006, 15:05
What a load of crap suggesting that the Haka needed to be done before the Welsh national anthem - resulting in it being done indoors. It has ALWAYS been done just prior to kick off and always adds an extra element of excitement. I can well imagine alot of disappointed and confused spectators wondering why they missed it. No wonder they had no mercy on the Welsh! :*

27th Nov 2006, 15:21
Ask yourself - why did Sir Clive Woodward resign? The structure of the sport in England does not deliver elite players who play at their best when playing for England.

He predicted this current scenario with disturbing accuracy. There were not many uncut gems waiting to tread his path.

Rob Andrew, Warren Gatland, Martin Johnson?

Gatland’s my bet but the RFU need a new arrangement with the clubs to deliver players in peak form – not shagged out or injured ramblers.

BTW Mr Crun - Tony would just apologise for enslaving the English pack

27th Nov 2006, 15:28
What a load of crap suggesting that the Haka needed to be done before the Welsh national anthem.............. I can well imagine alot of disappointed and confused spectators wondering why they missed it. No wonder they had no mercy on the Welsh! :*

The Memsahib and I were among the 'disappointed and confused spectators'. First big match we've ever been to. Bloody Welsh. What a load of posers :*

27th Nov 2006, 15:28
I would like to see Johnson or even someone like Lawrence Dellagio involved in the management and coaching staff at international Level.

Robinson Has made some shocking decisions in selection, tactics and replacements. Fair enough he has had some good results at club level, but seems to have lost it on the international stage.

He hasnt cut the mustard and its time for a change. wouldnt be surprised if his last game has been played out.

Standard Noise
27th Nov 2006, 15:57
Eddie O'Sullivan is a fantastic coach, you want him really.

Oh hang on, he's under contract..............................to a better team!:p

27th Nov 2006, 17:35
It would be interesting to see how somebody like Martin Johnson performed in the role. The problem is that there is no time left now to actually coach the players in the basic skills that so many of them lack. Most of the English backs can only pass properly off one hand, and their kicking from hand is terrible. When they had the clearout of the coaches a while ago I don't know why they got rid of Dave Aldred, the kicking coach.

I believe that, despite what they all say about being right behind him, the players have no respect at all for Robinson. That was certainly the case when he was an assistant coach on the 2001 Lions tour to Australia. The behind the scenes video showed a number of instances of senior players ignoring direct instructions from him and effectively telling him to f*ck off.

I also think that Corry is a truly appalling captain - has anybody ever seen him looking animated and trying to motivate the team? I was at the first South Africa game this season, seated just behind the posts at the North end. When SA scored a pretty soft try at the start of the second half Corry just lined up under the posts for the conversion. I can't think of another captain who wouldn't have had the whole team round in a circle while he forcefully explained to them that that wasn't to happen again.

27th Nov 2006, 17:48
Surely Ann Robinson does a fine job during her little quiz show - why should she resign?


27th Nov 2006, 17:52
I think the RFU have missed the boat with regards to professionalism, they need the top 50 players on contract to the RFU directly (as it is done in NZ, Australia and South Africa) not on contract to the clubs. This way, they can manage player burn out and injuries.

27th Nov 2006, 17:56
My mate has a nine year old son who plays rugby, he could have a go as England coach. He knows some tactics. He can put his boots on without any help. He can even spin pass to the right.

Standard Noise
27th Nov 2006, 17:56
Johnson is all very well, but hang on a moment. He has no experience as an international coach and just cos he was the RWC winning captain doesn't mean he'd be any better than Robinson (although I fail to see how he could possibly be worse!). Why not bring in Gatland or Dean Richards, and ceate a role for Johnson so he can learn the ropes with a view to taking over at a later date? Seems a far better idea to me, and I'm not even English.

27th Nov 2006, 18:38
So, in your opinion - who should the next England Head coach be?

I'd like to see Martin Johnson take on the role. A true inspirational leader.
maybe us irish can help yous out we seem to be doing well hehehe
see yous in March

27th Nov 2006, 19:29
Martin Johnson

27th Nov 2006, 21:57
Well tactically he seemed pretty hopeless so whoever replaces him will probably do better. But having said that England has no depth in any of the positions and realistically only has a few players that can be considered to be world class. No where near a full team of them and of course those so called world class players need to front up and deliver on the day and not turn in some pretty average performances like they have done of late.

Unfortunately for England Sir Clive and his merry men didn't blood enough youngsters which has taken its toll since the likes of Johnson & co retired. There is very little that can be done in the short to medium term and it will take years to rebuild.

If they are to do the job properly then they need to face the whole issue of professionalism and get the players contracts managed centrally. Perhaps the RFU can buy out players from the clubs. This will come at a cost but shouldn't be insurmountable given the amount of coin the RFU makes compared to the clubs, many of whom are on the breadline.

29th Nov 2006, 13:12
...bbc news at one just announced it...

29th Nov 2006, 13:24
How about the second best coach in NZ. At least we'd be runners-up :uhoh:

29th Nov 2006, 15:35
Think England will need more than a world class coach somehow. Try a new forward pack, some decent backs who can catch a ball and a fly half who can kick and run.

29th Nov 2006, 20:24
Borat - lengthened to ten characters for pprune :}

Jelly Baby Freak
1st Dec 2006, 18:11
:ok: Standard Noise
Totally agree with you logic there!
Johnno was a great leader at Tigers and for England rugby, but I feel that even he would admit that the bit of coaching he did at Leicester doesn't qualify him to coach at international level. However, he does have a tremendous amount of exprience that he can pass on to other rugby players.
Deano would be my choice; with the likes of Johnson and Neil Back in assistant coaching roles.
Dean Richards had proven ability at Leicester and we haven't won a pot since he went.
Hopfully he would be able to stand up to the 'old f*rts' that currently rule the roost at the RFU, because that is where I feel that the major problem is.
The good old days of the old boys club dressed in blazers running English rugby are over. This is now a multi-million pound industry and the running of it should be reflected in the calibre of its managers i.e. top-drawer English rugby internationals!
Rant over -
I'm off to watch South Africa play at the crisp bowl on Sunday!
Happy rugby days!! :ok:

2nd Dec 2006, 00:28
Firstly, I'm so drunk.

Secondly, I think this is quite drastic, but I think we should introduce central contracts. We should create a league structure akin to the Air New Zealand Cup. Fewer Club games, then a provincial tournemant with an emphasis on the National team.

God I love Guiness.

There was a really hot girlie in the bar tonight, but shame on me. I didn't have the guts to go up to her and buy her a drink....

split milk I guess...

I'm so drunk! I love you all....

Epsilon minus
4th Dec 2006, 15:09
George Galloway - can see a curved ball a mile off