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26th Nov 2006, 22:48
Evening (morning) all. Not too hard this week. If johnfairr has copped another parking ticket, he"ll probably ace the AOTW section. ;) :p :E


1...Questions are posted on Monday, scran time. Answers whenever I feel like it.

2...2 points for each lyrics question, one for the song title and one for the artist. TOTW/SOTW and trivia questions are normally worth a point apiece, but some questions may ask for additional information, worth extra points.

3...The clue in the lyrics section may be any line or lines from the song or chorus.

4...During the first 24 hours or until the first set of answers are posted, only one post containing as many answers as you like, will be accepted. Additional posts will be ignored and edited posts will be disqualified. After 24 hours, or after the first set of answers have been posted, there are no restrictions on posts (free for all).


1...And the cards are no good that you're holding
A Series Of Dreams/Bob Dylan - Suppers Ready

2...I got this graveyard woman you know she keeps my kid
From A Buick Six/Bob Dylan - Richo

3...Listen now to the wind babe, listen now to the rain
Bow River/Cold Chisel - kopbhoy

4...She threw me outside I sat in the dirt where everyone walked
4th Time Around/Bob Dylan - pp

5...Birds fly up as I pull into town
F-111/Cold Chisel - Richo

6...Briquets keep the fire burning, diesel keeps the wheels turning
Shipping Steel/Cold Chisel - Richo

7...Through the mirror of my mind
Reflections/The Supremes - SSK

8...Instead of breaking up lets do some kissing and making up
Baby Love/Supremes - pp

9...Each day as I grow older the nights are getting colder
Big Man In Town/4 Seasons - Suppers Ready

10..(Silly boy) Then she said to my surprise
Big Girls Don't Cry/4 Seasons - Cooda

11..You always said the cards would never do you wrong
Still The Same/Bob Seger - Cooda

12..The captain strolled the bridge one night
Ship Of Fools/Bob Seger - Suppers Ready

13..I've been down in the Delta workin' these fields
Face The Promise/Bob Seger - Suppers ready

14..Oh how you tried to cut me down to size
Big Man In Town - Richo
4 Seasons - Cooda

15..When you find that you left the future behind
The Happening/Supremes - pp

Joni Mitchell

1...What was Mitchell's birth name?
Roberta Streeter - pp

2...What debilitating disease did she contact and recover from, as a child?
Polio - Richo

3...In 1965, who did she marry to acquire the name Mitchell?
Chuck Mitchell - pp

4...With whom was she reunited in 1997?
Her daughter - khopboy
Point for the kid's name anyone?

5...She was 'discovered' by which member of The Byrds while performing at a club in Florida?
David Crosby - Richo

6...Tom Rush had a hit with her song 'Urge For Going.' Which Texas c&w singer also had a hit with the same song?
George Hamilton IV

7...Her song 'The Circle Game' was allegedly written for which musical artist?
Neil Young - SSK

8...Even though she never attended, her song about this musical event was a hit for CSN&Y.
Woodstock - Richo

9...Which of her songs was a hit for Judy Collins?
Both Sides Now - Jerry

10..Which musical instrument, first used in a pop song by Brian Jones on 'Lady Jane', did Mitchell use on 'Carey', 'All I Want' and 'A Case Of You'?
Appalachian dulcimer - Suppers Ready

11..Which of her albums did Rolling Stone Magazine call "...the worst album title of the year?"
The Hissing Of Summer Lawns - pp

12..In 1976, she performed in what Martin Scorsese film?
The last Waltz - Copterfan :E

13..Who does the artwork for her album covers?
She does - pp

14..She can use the letters CC after her name. What do the letters represent?
The Order Of Canada - Richo


1...The Godfather of Celtic music in Canada died on Wednesday. Name him.
J'nAllan Cameron - Jerry
And there'll be one helluva céilidh in Mabou tonight. ;)

2...The hymn "Faith's Review And Expectation" is better known as what?
Amazing Grace - Copterfan

3...How many dreams are there in Bob Dylan's song 'Series Of Dreams'?
4 -Mr. Lexx
Point each, what was he doing in each?
In one the surface was frozen - Suppers Ready
In another I witnessed a crime - Suppers Ready
In one, I was running - Suppers Ready
In another, all I seemed to do was climb

Mr. Lexx, I was looking for what he actually dreamed in each. Sorry if the question may be a little ambiguous. :O

4...What modern musical instrument is based on the medieval instrument the sackbut?
The trombone - Mr. Lexx

5...Jimmy Johnson, Roger Hawkins, David Hood, Barry Beckett and Donny Short are sometimes known as 'The Swampers'. Their correct name is taken from this town in Alabama, where they have a recording studio in an abandoned casket wharehouse.
The Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section - SSK
(For want of a vowel, they'd be recording elsewhere) :E

6...Name the band that took its name from the working title of the Beatles song 'A Little Help From My Friends'.
Badfinger - Copterfan

7...Which band's name was inspired by the drawing of an animal with no ears?
Def Leppard - Mr. Lexx

8...Which band took its name from the standard answer from a supercomputer in the novel "A Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy?"
Level 42 - SSK

9...Name the Travelling Wilbury that asked the question "Look down your drainpipe. What colour do you see?"
Bob Dylad - pp

10..What do the Chippewa Indians call Lake Superior?
Gitchee Goomi - Cooda
Point for Aotw for spelling. :ok:

11..Melissa Etheridge has two children. Who's their daddy?
(Turkey baster is not acceptable.):E
David Crosby - Richo

12..Who's got Saints and Apostles backin' up from behind?
Missionary man - RD

13..What lies Westward from the Davis Strait?
The Northwest Passage

14..How many cars make up the City of New Orleans?
15 cars and 15 restless riders... - pp

15..Name the deceased animal Loudon Wainwright sang about.
Dead skunk (in the middle of the road) - Cooda

16..What bridge did Roberta Lee Streeter sing about?
The Tallahatchie Bridge - Copterfan

17..Name the U2 song written about Aung San Suu Kyi.
Walk On - kopbhoy

18..If you're standing on the corner of 12th Street and Vine, what city are you in?
Kansas City - pp
Bonus point each, what do you have with you?
KC baby and a bottle of KC wine - pp

19..What flavour of twist did Joey Dee & The Starlighters sing about?
Peppermint twist - Cooda

20..Name the Sting song that contains several mentions about an ingredient in beer.
Fields Of Gold - kopbhoy

Bonus question, how many different artists make up the lyrics section?
5. Bob Dylan, Bob Seger, The 4 Seasons, Cold Chisel and The Supremes.

26th Nov 2006, 22:57
Hi piggles - just listening to Rex Murphy re 'Nation' - grrrrrr!


AOTW9 - Both Sides Now

T1 - John Allan Cameron

'Not too hard' - hmmmmph.

Mr Lexx
26th Nov 2006, 23:02
T3 4 dreams

Wasn't thinking of nothing specific
Wasn't making any great connection
Wasn't thinking of anything specific
Wasn't looking for any special assistance

T4 Trombone
T7 Def Leppard

26th Nov 2006, 23:02
Morning Piggy,

Wow what a quiz!

2. From a Buick 6 - Bob Dylan
6. Shipping Steel - Cold Chisel

2. Polio?
5. David Crosby
8. gotta be Woodstock
14. Order of Canada

7. Def Leppard
8. 42
11. David Crosby



26th Nov 2006, 23:13

3 - 'Bow River' - Cold Chisel


4 - her child that she'd put up for adoption


17 - Walk On
20 - Fields Of Gold

26th Nov 2006, 23:15
mornin' piggy
10. Big Girls Don't Cry - 4 Seasons
11. Still The Same - Bob Segar etc

10. Gitchigoomi (sp)
15. skunk, also dead possum, dead raccoon, the blood and the guts goin' to make you swoon :E
19. Peppermint?
20. Fields of barley

times up :{

26th Nov 2006, 23:55
Howdo Pigboat, bl**dy hard quiz.

AOTW 12 - Taxi Driver.


T2 - Amazing Grace.

T4 - Trombone.

T6 - Badfinger (Badfinger Boogie)

T10 - Gitchi Gumee.

And thas all folks!

Copterfan. :ugh:

27th Nov 2006, 01:29
1. Roberta Anderson
3. Chuck Mitchell
4. Bob Dylan?
11. Hissing of Summer Lawns
13. she does

Romeo Delta
27th Nov 2006, 02:13
Hmmm... No time tonight... Family in town... But here's one or two:

T12 - Missionary Man


Arm out the window
27th Nov 2006, 05:20
Thanks once again, Pigboat!
I've got a whole lotta guessing going on...

3 Bow River - Cold Chisel
10 Big girls don't cry - Frankie Valli & Four Seasons

8 Woodstock

2 All through the night?
4 Bagpipes?
5 Lynyrd Skynyrd
8 Ahhh... the forty twos?10 Gitcheegumee (spelling probably very dodgy!)
15 Dead skunk in the middle of the road
18 New York, one small dime?
19 Peppermint

27th Nov 2006, 17:14
After a long hard day...

L7 - Reflections - Supremes
Joni 7 - Neil Young
T5 - Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section
T8 - Level 42

27th Nov 2006, 21:35
Initial scores:

Richo 9
Cooda 7
kopbhoy 5
planepsycho 4
Mr. Lexx 3
Jerry 2
Copterfan 2
RD 1
Aotw 1

27th Nov 2006, 23:44
A couple more Piggy and i be doneski.. :ok:

5. F111 - Cold Chisel
14. Walk like a man? no idea who sang it though

AOTW 12 - Has to be Taxi Driver dont ask me how i missed that one the first time round!



28th Nov 2006, 00:13
L14...4 Seasons

L8 is driving me crazy. I can remember the refrain but not the rest of the song :O

28th Nov 2006, 01:03
Hi Pigboat,

AOTW12....Hmmmm I am wary of the dreaded 4, but you have been very tricky here...

OK then it's 'The Last Waltz' (released in1978) a docco of a 1976 event.

Twisted thinking, I'm impressed!:D


28th Nov 2006, 01:19

T16 - Tallahatchie bridge - Ode to Billy Joe.

28th Nov 2006, 01:28
and, and,

T18 - Philadelphia.

I done.


28th Nov 2006, 18:36
L8 is driving me crazy. I can remember the refrain but not the rest of the song :O

Mmmm...mmmmm is hummed before they sing the title. :E

Ok, some updated scores. I shooda done this last night, but some cretin with a backhoe dug up the fibre optic cable that supplies the entire Eastern half of the province, with my internet and TV connection on it.

Richo 12
Cooda 8
Suppers Ready 8
kopbhoy 5
planepsycho 4
Copterfan 4
Mr. Lexx 3
Jerry 2
RD 1
Aotw 1

Still a possible 20 points left. :p

Scores revised.

Suppers Ready
28th Nov 2006, 19:09
L1 - Series of Dreams / Bob Dylan
L9 - Big man in town / Frankie Valli?
L12 - Ship of fools / Bob Seger (great song)
L13 - Face the promise / Bob Seger

minds gone blank:(


29th Nov 2006, 02:05
All correct Suppers Ready (great handle by the way). :ok:

Sorry about your mind, but you've jumped to a tie for second in one swell foop. ;)

29th Nov 2006, 03:09
L4 4th time around/bob dylan
L8 baby love/ the supremes
L15 the happening/ the supremes

T9. Boo Wilbury (bob dylan)

29th Nov 2006, 04:15
Well, so much for the last update. :O :p

Richo 12
planepsycho 11
Cooda 8
Suppers Ready 8
kopbhoy 5
Copterfan 4
Mr. Lexx 3
Jerry 2
RD 1
Aotw 1

Time for beddy bye. :zzz:

Suppers Ready
29th Nov 2006, 17:25
Minds coming back!!!
T4 - 1. the surface was frozen
2. witnessed a crime
3. crying
4. running

A10 - Dulcimer?

L15- is driving me insane - one of these tip of the tongue aaaaarrrghhh

29th Nov 2006, 20:32
T14. fifteen
T18. Kansas City/KC Woman/bottle of KC wine

29th Nov 2006, 21:21
Th-th-that's all folks. I'll be back again next week with a quiz from scran.

Final scores:

planepsycho 14
Richo 12
Suppers Ready 12
Cooda 8
kopbhoy 5
Copterfan 4
Mr. Lexx 3
Jerry 2
RD 1
Aotw 1

29th Nov 2006, 22:47
Aaarrgghh! Pipped at the post by the Belle! :ok:

29th Nov 2006, 22:56
She probably had you in her crosshairs all along. :E :p

30th Nov 2006, 00:17
Nah, I would never!! Funny thing about T14....today while returning from my lunch break this afternoon I had to stop for a train, when suddenly on the radio the song City of New Orleans began playing....so I listened to the song as I watched the cars go by.:confused:

Hey Pigboat, your rules are messed up this week. What happened to rule #4?

30th Nov 2006, 04:06
Tee hee, you noticed. :p

30th Nov 2006, 05:16
Dang! we could have questioned your Authorit-i without fear of prosecution!