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25th Nov 2006, 20:53
Anyone read todays IHT? The entire page 5 was dedicated to a message from Yoko Ono and John Lennon promoting December 8th as International World Healing day....................! Maybe we need it...?

25th Nov 2006, 21:00
From John Lennon, now that is clever:E

25th Nov 2006, 21:43
Anyone reading the IHT certainly needs something, although healing may not be it

25th Nov 2006, 21:56
Go easy, its the only English paper available to me here in the Hotel :}

25th Nov 2006, 23:29
Craggy, as you've posted here, you've obviously got internet access...

Your request for leniency on the charge of reading the IHT has thus been denied.


25th Nov 2006, 23:29
It's frustrating in Australia that you can only ever get the previous day's English and US Newspapers.

25th Nov 2006, 23:40

delay tends to be compensated by the fact that the OZ press tend to go straight to the point rather than pi**ing about the periphery of the libel laws... :ok:

Unless its the footie you're after of course...

26th Nov 2006, 11:37
The IHT was taken over by the New York Times/Washington Post quite a while ago, I think. Anyway, you do notice the same editorials, sometimes just a day or two apart, appearing in the IHT as in the NYT and the WP. Well, it could have been worse; what if it were taken over by the Grauniad?

You used to see full-page ads from Kim Jong Il & Co. Later these could be reproduced as editorial opinions quoted from these US 'newspapers of record.' I would find it difficult to say which person I find more frightening, Ms. Y. Ono or Mr. J. I. Kim. Better they should squander their gelt on adverts than on WMD, at least. If she got one, I think Yoko would be far more likely to use it, perhaps on a meat-packing plant.

All I ever took seriously from the IHT was Dave Barry's column on the back page. He and his posse of 'alert readers' were often spot-on where the editors sometimes seemed to be from another planet.

26th Nov 2006, 17:23
Has anyone ever seen Y. Ono and J. I. Kim together? It may be that they are actually the same person. They both seem to be about the same when it comes to having a sense of humour, certainly.

If they are not the same person then perhaps they really need to meet. Between his movies and her music what art they could make!

Was it Kim who had the hots for Whitney Houston or have I got him confused with someone else? Robert Mugabe, perhaps? Oh, yeah, sorry, it was Osama B. Laden. All them furriners can seem about the same to a Yank, you know.

27th Nov 2006, 08:12
given that Yoko is also available, might we want to play matchmaker for Mr Kim as well? It might be that he's not really bad as such but just very, very bored, sat around in his Pyongyang palace with nothing much to do but drink vintage cognac and watch old movies while waiting for someone, anyone to take much notice of his rise to prominence as owner of one or two WMDs.

First he tried the old 'musical satellite' trick and then 'the little bomb that couldn't quite' so that he might well be ready to give up this 'Evil Despot' schtick as a loser and try something completely different. According to the usual unreliable sources his generals are becoming a bit bored with him so that he might well be ready to move on.

I bet, given that it's winter in Pyongyang and and all, we could persuade Kim Jong Il to head across to New York and all its pleasures on the strength of a note on perfumed paper from a near-neighbour and fellow artiste-wannabe. If anyone from Langley is reading this, how about it? Biology beats exploding cigars.

If we cannot lure him out with Yoko then we should send him George Galloway as his new best friend. After one or two visits Kim will probably be ready to go someplace free from that pest, even if that meant North Dakota. We could fix hiim up with an old missile silo and let him play with the keys all he wanted to.