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25th Nov 2006, 16:07
Ladies and Gents.
I haven't been taking my daily dose of PPRuNe recently, but I don't think the is has been asked before:
There is this all silver Hawker Hunter on a pole in Woking Town Centre, no Markings, no plaque. Just wondered: Why?
If it was covered in an Advertising Logo, or had a plaque I could see the point, but currently it looks like a piece of Civic Art
This was taken by a friend of mine who was in Woking to take pictures of the H.G.Wells War of the Worlds Art also located in the Town Centre.

I received email notification that 'spekesoftly' had replied to this post, but when I looked on the forum it have been removed?
From the clues in the email I Googled a lot more successfully than last attempt and am now aware the Aircraft has been on its pole for a long time, is owned by the Council and appears to be considered a piece of civic art. The AIrcraft is a T7 and 'spekesoftly' advised it was the last new build T7 RAF Serial XL623.


26th Nov 2006, 15:10
I believe it's used to advertise the Big Apple nightclub seen in the picture.
Once again a sad fate for a nice aircraft; tried one once; first time I'd seen 460kt ias on the clock, in fact first time I'd seen anything over 390 indicated; pig to turn though, I found the best way was stand it on it's wingtip and pull the pole back. My driver pulled 5.5 g through a loop; alright for him he had a g-suit - I greyed out!
Did a practice 1 in 1 into Boscombe; they glide amazingly well!

5th Dec 2006, 14:06
"The Big Apple" used to be called "The Planets" which had a loose aerospace theme to it. They used to own the T.7 on the pole (back then it was painted in bright gawdy colours) plus a Buccaneer inside (located over the bar) and a single seat Hunter cockpit in a kids play area.

The place was renamed a few years back to "The Big Apple" and the aerospace theme abandoned. The Buccaneer was disposed of and the T.7 outside is now owned by the local council who repainted it silver.

6th Dec 2006, 12:30
The single seat Hunter Cockpit (actually a MK78 QA12) is currently under a brilliant restoration see www.hawkerhunter.com


7th Dec 2006, 00:35
Thanks to G085H1TE all the pieces of the puzzle are now complete.
When I was doing my initial (and with hindsight not well structured search) Several 'Woking Forums' mentioned the Aircraft (altough not its history) and whilst some posters were irritated by its presence (one in particular was annoyed), others defended it on the basis Hunters were built relatively locally (13 Miles away).

Now the Council own it, a plaque would be a useful addition, which although not putting off the anti-aviation mob would at least stop visitors and indeed residents wondering at its history.

Many thanks to those who contributed to resolving this minor mystery which caused me much head scratching!

7th Dec 2006, 06:42
XL623? I remember flying her at Brawdy in 1976. Last trip I did there in a T7 - 50 min low level navigation around Wales in early September....and all the reservoirs were nearly dry after that long, hot summer. We nearly hit a swan as we headed back to Brawdy; fortunately I jinked to avoid it just in time.

At least she's up a pole in Woking now, not turned into bean cans....