View Full Version : Slimdevices Squeezebox 3 WiFi or Roku Soundbridge M1001?

The late XV105
24th Nov 2006, 17:39
The title says it all.
No interest in iTunes compatibility.
Will be used to stream internet radio stations in a more convenient way than perching my T42 laptop on top of the Denon M31 in the kitchen.



24th Nov 2006, 17:50
Have you looked at the Acoustic Energy dedicated Internet Radio (http://www.acoustic-energy.co.uk/Product_range/WiFi_radio/WiFi.asp)? No need to have a computer on...

Ah, I see maybe your Roku does this :)

24th Nov 2006, 19:03
I use the Roku 1001 and have no real complaints except that if you turn your router off for any length of time, the Soundbridge needs to be reconfigured (password re-inserted) before it will work again.

24th Nov 2006, 20:57
I have a Slimdevice at home, its OK, but restricted in the types of channel it will decode. I have an AE Internet radio beside my bed out here in Madrid, and its fantastic for radio, does everything - but it is a mono-speaker.

Horses for courses, I wouldn't ditch either of them. Just wish AE would do a Hi-Fi version.

What do you want to use it for?

The late XV105
24th Nov 2006, 23:51
What do you want to use it for?

Mainly for streaming two Czech radio stations that broadcast a mixture of chat and wide musical genres. I do this already using my WiFi enabled IBM T42 laptop plugged in to the Denon midi system with headphones output on the laptop converted to 2xRCA input on the Denon. Of course sending music over TCP/IP packets will never match the fidelity of the many thousands of pounds-worth of kit that lives in the lounge, but with a true 8 megabit download and usually "clean" connection the results are surprisingly good.

Having come close to knocking the laptop on to a tiled floor several times I think something more fit for purpose, with a smaller physical footprint, is called for.

This lead me to the Roku and Slimdevices products.

The latter commands a significant price premium but given that I really can't be bothered with iTunes or copying music on to my home server, what would I gain, if anything, by spending the extra wonga?

Having been informed of it - thanks! - I am interested to know if the AE WiFi radio has RCA output jacks? If it does, the fact that I could use it with the Denon as well as treat it like a portable radio (the garage still gets a decent WiFi signal despite being a separate building) would be a likely winner. I'm guessing it doesn't as they aren't mentioned in the spec highlights.

25th Nov 2006, 07:23
No RCA output on the AE, just a headphone socket on the back you could run an adaptor from. But the AE is great for radio. Hit the button to select continent, the country and you get a list of the available stations. As I have said, it handles so many formats it is great.

Just checked, it lists 36 Czech stations: Abradio, Cescky Roshlas, CRO radio, D DUR, Express radio, Frekvence 1, Olomouc, Akropoli, Jizera, Karolina, Northus.... the list goes on.

The late XV105
25th Nov 2006, 12:16
Thanks, All.

A headphone socket is how I take audio from the laptop today and feed the RCA inputs on the Denon, so to do the same from the AE will be a non-event.

The AE's "footprint" also suits what I need and from what I've found the controls appear to be a breeze to use. Styling's fine. Price is fine. AE's reputation is fine and the ability to cover such a large percentage of internet stations is the clincher (no doubt once we've started we will listen to other stations, too).

Decision made; I've ordered an AE.