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24th Nov 2006, 00:39
Anydody here that remembers DE at BHX, looking for some memories etc for web page?

Any pics welcolmed esp G-ANEG

24th Nov 2006, 13:28
This book is what you need


Good writeup and photos on them. I think a number of posters here have a copy.

24th Nov 2006, 14:06
Yes i have a copy!

It dosnt say much about the DC3 that went off the nd of the runway at BHX or the time that Woodie tried to fly back from The Kings Cup Aircraft in Everall's private a/c while Xissed! Thats more what i am after!

Whispering Giant
27th Nov 2006, 13:24
I have a few pics of a Don Everall aviation Tiger Moth at Wolverhampton - my father used to work for them in his school holidays - it was working for them that got him interested in Aviation - which ultimutly led to him getting a electrical engineering apprenticeship with HI Hobson's (the aircraft carburetta manaufacturer) in Wolverhampton, which then led to him working on the Blue streak missile program, and then on to TSR2 where he was chief avionics engineer and got to meet and fly with Roly Beamont - when that project got cancelled he got head hunted to be chief avionics engineer on the Concorde project. He then went on to leave aviation - but this encouraged me to get into aviation where i'm now a F/O flying Dash8 Q400's.

28th Nov 2006, 09:17
G-ANEG did you say?