View Full Version : Surely this should not have gone to court?

Evening Star
23rd Nov 2006, 21:54
From BBC News, Jail term for bridge leap mother (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/humber/6177642.stm). Find myself agreeing with the quote:It is difficult to see what locking up this depressed, distressed mother will do to cut crime
Am sure there is more to this than is reported, but on the face of it she is mentally ill, not a criminal? Or was it an easy conviction?:confused:

23rd Nov 2006, 22:04
One less place in prison for a real criminal so those weak, lily livered judges can hand out another pathetic sentence on some child molester or murderer.

UK is a s**t place to live if you abide by the law! ideal place for criminals though.

Sure I read somewhere that only 8% of criminal cases end up with a conviction. I'm off to do some B&E then. :*

tony draper
23rd Nov 2006, 22:06
What was the alternative? releasing her into the none existant care in the community? placing her in the hands of social services or put her on probation? who will instantly forget she exists, but of course when the inevitable occurs will again come out with the magic words,Lessons will be learned.
We have to assume she would at least have got some treatment in prison.

23rd Nov 2006, 22:13

Doors to Automatic
23rd Nov 2006, 22:35
Wallowing in self-pity after a relationship breakdown is understandable but trying to murder your own child is an act of unmitigated evil.

She deserves every day of that sentence.

23rd Nov 2006, 22:43
What about the nights?

tony draper
23rd Nov 2006, 23:09
Well commiting suicide used to be a crime,or rather failing to commit suicide would result in ones collar being felt,and probably doing time, think it still was a crime when I was young,although by then I think the courts had become a bit more enlightened by then,and the failed suicide was probably sent to a mental hospital for treatment ,that was in the days when we still had mental hospitals to treat people with menal problems of course,most of them have been turned into yuppy flats or demolished and the land turned over to property developers since they have been replaced care in the community, I think that means they are given a six moths supply of pills and told to **** off.
Anybody know when commiting suicide stopped being a crime?,one is a tad curious.

24th Nov 2006, 00:19
Anybody know when commiting suicide stopped being a crime?,one is a tad curious.

tony draper
24th Nov 2006, 00:43
Thank you Mr G-C
Think in the olden days suicides (successfull ones) had to be buried at the cross road alongside the witches and such, leastwise not on hallowed ground,don't suppose it bothered em much though.

24th Nov 2006, 06:49
UK is a s**t place to live if you abide by the law!
Funny. Last time I check, it is not legal to kill your children.

Get some perspective here people. She attempted to kill a two year old.

Evening Star, if I felt down and depressed, you are happy for me to kill a child to try and make it better?

Seems like she's not the only one needs locking up. :yuk:

24th Nov 2006, 07:53
To get to the parapet of that bridge she must have reached the utmost pit of despair.

This was clearly not the act of a rational and stable mind. What purpose is served by punishing her ?

Mr Lexx
24th Nov 2006, 09:00
eal I agree completely.

Grainger If she was that mentally distressed, she should be sectioned and kept at HM pleasure until such time as she is deemed fit to be in open society, with the caveat that she is not allowed her child back, or any other children.


Post natal depression I can understand. Trying to kill your child and yourself because your relationship with the father breaks down is just a sign of a seriously deranged mind. She is a danger to herself and others. She might seem fine now, but she obviously is closer to the precipitous (sp) edge of sanity that most people.

24th Nov 2006, 09:29
Exactly. So instead of getting help for a distressing mental condition (which may or may not be temporary), she just gets locked up in jail. Brilliant.

Here's the choice: help someone who has reached a very dark place, or lock her away and forget about the problem. Nice compassionate society we live in.

24th Nov 2006, 11:31
With you entirely, Grainger. She is seriously ill. Unfortunately, because this government have their priorities totally screwed, she can't get the help from the NHS that she needs. Tony B. Liar is too set on merely getting hospital waiting times down to spend anything on Mental Health. Care in the Community doesn't work - as we have seen, mentally ill patients are being released too early, killing innocent people and here we have a seriously depressed, disturbed, deranged mother locked up in jail where the last thing she is going to get is the help she needs.

Society is seriously screwed.

24th Nov 2006, 12:43
So instead of getting help for a distressing mental condition (which may or may not be temporary), she just gets locked up in jail.
So, if I had a "distressing mental condition" (which, lets face it, could cover many things) and I attempted to kill your child, you'd be happy for me to receive help and attention as a priority?

24th Nov 2006, 13:39
But she didn't attempt to kill my child or your child, or anyone else's for that matter.

She attempted to put an end to herself and her own child. There is absolutely nothing in this case to suggest she was or is a danger to anyone else.