View Full Version : Victorian State Elections: Upper house - How to vote?

23rd Nov 2006, 21:29
I just can't bring myself to vote 'above the line'. I used to dislike 'how to vote' card from the parties that just said "put a 1 here" and didn't reveal which thickie indepentent etc. got which preference. You can look up that info now:


I also like to think I'm getting my money's worth my making some vec drone actually read the whole form instead of just one number.

Now to my point. Each party lists their candidates in a particular order, and it seems likely that the first candidate will get more votes than those that follow, so it makes sense to give the first candidate in the party you prefer the highest preference to maximise the chances of a majority for your preferred party. But why do it for the party you don't prefer???

oxygen thieves 10 9 8

My fav 1 2 3 4

2nd best 5 6 7

evil dropkicks 14 13 12 11

This way, even if the Evil Dropkick party gets in on the preferences of people that hate them their #1 favourite star will be down the CES and some boxhead not expected to be elected will spend the next 3 years bringing discredit on their party and a huge swing back to Fav's next time!!! More fun then saying you're a Jedi on the census form:D

24th Nov 2006, 22:20
Doesn't appear to be an overwhelming interest in this topic, but I think I should post the latest information. From the VEC website:How many boxes do I need to number if I vote below the line?

Voting below the line in the State election is different to voting below the line for the Federal Senate election, where you have to number every box. In the State Upper House election, you only need to number at least 5 boxes. You can then go on to number as many more as you wish, after having numbered your top five preferences.

You only need to put in 5 numbers so you can just cut the oxygen thieves & evil dropkicks dead!