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fanny blades
23rd Nov 2006, 17:18
I failed my Opc the other day after 4 weeks of not flying since doing my Type rating. Aspects were didn't set QNH/QNE thats fine but from my previous flying we had prompts such as 'standard set on the right' etc and the examiner just silently completed his on the PFD and didnt say anything until after it was too late. Also this particular operator has a policy of one approach plate ONLY for the NHP. so as I was totally unfimilar with the airport procedure for my test it was pure guess work I was trying to peer over his shoulder as he wasnt giving me any useful input so I decended too early and so he let me continue and get on with it until of course it was too late.. I have just never come across this style of where you have to quite lierally memorise the plate.My clear lack of experience in mind games and asking for every single detail from the NHP made it extremely difficult for me especially whilst I was assymetric in quiet strong crosswind. Even when I went to Flight Safety they just wouldnt allow me to to have an approach plate on my Type Rating test as a HP.and in training. SO I got a piece of scrap paper and scribbled the procedure onthe back of a bit of scrap paper. I am new kid on block my first UK jet job (small corporate outfit) but now I am made to feel I am untrainable. I have been flying for ten years pistons and Turboprops in more exotic places around the world and I am in no postition to argue with the examiner nor my employer and so my job is on the line. I honeslty havent failed a test/renewal in my 10 years but all of a sudden I feel a bit that I cannot do this or I am loosing my mind?? :{ :ugh: :ouch:

any tips and advice welcome on how to pass an OPC ?!!!

Loose rivets
24th Nov 2006, 03:55
I just can't understand this. It seems impossible to conceive of carrying out a procedure without the plate beside you. Checking and rechecking every aspect of the approach.

It is, or at least was, illegal to even photocopy the plate, so little sketches are obviously far more prone to mistakes.

Any current crews with this SOP?

24th Nov 2006, 04:23
If a pilot hasn't ever failed a checkride, most likely he hasn't really challenged himself much....

24th Nov 2006, 06:33
I read your post and I'm curious as to what's happened your career, and how could this situation arise, I mean it sounds as if you know your stuff.......what happened?

I wish you the best.