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23rd Nov 2006, 03:37
How do you think the Government will squirm out of this one? see below

AWB given advance warning of Iraq troop deployment
Previously secret AWB documents have revealed that the wheat exporter was told Australia would join the war against Iraq a year before the Federal Government says it decided to commit troops.
The information came from Australia's Ambassador to the United Nations, John Dauth.
Prime Minister John Howard announced that Australian troops would join the strike on Iraq on March 1, 2003.
He said the decision was made just before that.
But AWB board notes says that early in 2002 the Australian Ambassador to the UN, Mr Dauth, said Australia would support and participate in US action.
He accurately predicted the strike to depose Saddam Hussein would start within 18 months.
The report of AWB chairman Trevor Flugge's meeting says Ambassador Dauth promised that AWB would get as much advance warning of the war as possible.

My guess - It will be said that Mr Dauth was purely speculating and as the Australian Ambassador to the UN who would have no idea what he was talking about because he would not be privy to that information. In any case the decision was made just before, and Mr Dauth, it just so happened to be correct with his guesses a fluke if you will.

And the compliant media will quickly drop it, and an apathetic Aust public will quickly forget it.

No wonder the terms of the scope of the Cole enquiry were set by the Government, imagine what we would find if it was broader.