View Full Version : Anyone got a boss like Ramsay?

21st Nov 2006, 21:39
Can't help thinking we could do with Gordon in the Health Service.

tony draper
21st Nov 2006, 21:42
He must profile his helpers for lilly liveredness before each series,because were I one of them I wudda nutted the loud mouthed fecker to the earth long ago.

21st Nov 2006, 21:44
Real gravy with meals on the ward!

21st Nov 2006, 21:45
First time I've watched "Ramsay's kitchen nightmares"

Speaking to the pub owner about his choice of dinner plates:

"That's not a fu**ing dinner plate. It's a swimming pool for a fu**ing Barbie doll"

Fu**ing brilliant:D

21st Nov 2006, 22:25
I'd rather have a boss that you knew could do the job with their eyes shut and were not afraid to tell you exactly how it is, even with the odd "f:mad:ing this" and "f:mad:ing that" thrown in, than be led by a bunch of spin-doctor oriented, two-faced, meally-mouthed f:mad:wits, only out for numero uno.

Herr Drapes, I'd save your Geordie equivalent of a 'Glesga Kiss' for the latter variety.

Gogs Ramsay may not do justice to spoken English, but if he ever decided to teach me how to boil an egg, I'd sure as hell f:mad:ing pay attention.

21st Nov 2006, 22:26
I wish I had a boss like him - mine is only concerned with "processes", and meeting human resource department dictates ... total t*sser

21st Nov 2006, 22:30

You have my sympathies - the b:mad:ards get everywhere!

Doctor Cruces
21st Nov 2006, 22:59
Of course, I used to work for MOB at emerald!!!

Doc C
:} :}

21st Nov 2006, 23:40

:ugh: :mad: :suspect:

21st Nov 2006, 23:48
"and meeting human resource department dictates ..."

These tossers are second only to Architects in my experience. :suspect:

No common sense involved in decisions from either profession.

21st Nov 2006, 23:52
Got a lot of respect for Ramsay. His shows are entertaining and the guy speaks his mind. People mistake his passion for aggression because 9 times outa 10 it's something they've not encountered before.


22nd Nov 2006, 01:22
Gordon is very serious; very funny to the outside observer; and downright scary if you work in his kitchen.

Deserves another Michelin Star.

His autobiography was excellent - very touching, funny and extremely motivating.

"Go out and find your b*ll*cks!"

22nd Nov 2006, 02:32
I've had several bosses like him, all chefs from my younger days.

One of whom required rhinoplasty. :ouch:

22nd Nov 2006, 06:42
I recently watched the first episode of the American Hell's Kitchen.
There was all these Yank prima donna's really pleased with themselves that they were on the telly and talking about what wonderfull chefs they were and not phased by this poncy limey.

When GR comes on and tells the first one that his signature dish was Fking Crap you ought to have seen their faces :O One by one they were ripped to shreds, it was fking priceless, I loved it :O :O

Don't beat about the bush Gordon, tell us what you really think!!

On On

22nd Nov 2006, 06:50
If GR was in charge of the project I work on (support for a certain 4 engined replacement maritime aircraft for the RAF <ahem>) then it wouldn't be in the sh*t that it is in.

22nd Nov 2006, 06:52
Bring back the Shackleton?
The need to replace the Shackleton was first raised in the early 1960s. The arrival of the Hawker-Siddeley Nimrod in 1969 was the end for the Shackleton in most roles but it continued as the main SAR aircraft until 1972. The intention to retire the aircraft was then thwarted by the need for AEW coverage in the North Sea and northern Atlantic following the retirement of the Fairey Gannet. With a new design not due until the late 1970s the existing AN/APS-20 radar was installed in Mk. IIs as an interim measure, the AEW.2, from 1972. The disastrous Nimrod AEW replacement programme dragged on and on and the eventual successor to the Shackleton did not arrive until the RAF finally abandoned the Nimrod AEW and purchased the E-3 Sentry in 1991.

Of the 11 RAF aircraft that were selected for conversion to AEW3 standard, none returned to the maritime reconnaissiance role: all were eventually reduced for spares to support the maritime Nimrod fleet.

Development has taken longer than anticipated and the first of 12 MRA4s have not yet entered service. The contract was initially for the supply of 21 rebuilt Nimrods, but due to technical problems the project was brought to a halt. Early in the contract BAE discovered that none of the Nimrod airframes supplied by the RAF for refurbishing were to a common standard. This considerably complicated the refurbishment process.

22nd Nov 2006, 09:44
Boss like Ramsay? - YES - I have one.

Can't stand the way he talks to people and belittles them, BUT he is passionate about doing a good job for the customer, it's his name on the line if it all goes tits up (and his wages or not, we still get ours whatever happens)
AND he is the first to offer help with any problem we have, whether work or personal. I love the satisfaction of doing a good job for the customer, I love the money we get paid, but I just wish he wasn't so abrasive.

Would I go and work somewhere else? Probably not.


22nd Nov 2006, 09:52
He knows what he's doing. He's good at it. He's passionate about giving the customers what they want, at a good price, with good ingredients, well presented, and getting them to come back and bring their friends.

He's a bloody good businessman, and while his language is a tad on the colourful side (too colourful for Mrs. XXTSGR's tastes), he speaks his mind, gets his point across and, like Simon Cowell, IMHO is fair in what he says.

What's more, he's entertaining watching.

He gets my vote. :ok:

23rd Nov 2006, 07:13
My boss is a little like Ramsay, he speaks his mind, is quite forthright, swears a lot, passionate, but probably a little less aggressive.

It doesn't suit everybody, and some feel a little intimidated, (they usualy leave),but I must say that most of his team do tend to "stick around," and are very loyal. And enjoy working with and for him.

Perhaps most importantly, they get results.

Now, where are those balls?

23rd Nov 2006, 07:52
There's a fine line between aggression, arrogance and intimidation. I've worked for a couple of bosses who would see themselves as 'Ramseys' but in reality they were aggressive people who believed that shouting and swearing was a good motivational tool. Me and others didn't stick around for long.

GR might not seem to be a people person, but he does give credit where it is due and praises the staff when things go right. It would be interesting to see how much of this he actually does - the editors realise that it wouldn't make for good TV to have too much of this.

Credit, when it is truely earned, and from someone as demanding as GR must be one of the greatest motivations there is.

I also like the way he isn't afraid to cut out the chaf - both people / process / equipment. There isn't enough of that style of leadership about these days.

23rd Nov 2006, 11:24
In my student days I had a part time job working in a posh kitchen with a close relative who was a bit of a Gordon. An order came in for two Irish coffees, instead of boiling a kettle, he made them cold with cream and put them in the microwave.
Ping. They were boiling and ruined.
'Who put them in there'.
He then threw them out the window. Which was shut. Glass everywhere all over the prep area, vegetables, salads, desserts, all that. So we had to start again.
Didn't work for him again.

ILS Repeater
23rd Nov 2006, 19:31

Need I say more ? :{