View Full Version : Six Muslim imams were removed

21st Nov 2006, 11:35
MINNEAPOLIS (AP) -- Six Muslim imams were removed from a U-S Airways flight in Minneapolis after several of them got up for evening prayers.

The imams were returning to Phoenix after attending a conference in Minneapolis of the North American Imams Federation. The president of the group, Omar Shahin of Phoenix, was among the imams removed from the plane.

Shahin says he was "humiliated" and never felt so bad in his life. He says "it's terrible" to put six scholars in handcuffs.

Shahin says three of the imams had gotten up to say their normal evening prayers. A passenger who was concerned passed a note to a flight attendant. An airline spokeswoman says police were called after the men refused to leave the plane.

The Muslims were questioned for several hours and released. The plane took off about three hours late.