View Full Version : Are check ride hours able to be logged as PIC?

badboy raggamuffin
19th Nov 2006, 22:48
Hi all, just done some flying recently, have been told by the flight school (a certain florida establishment) that I can log the following hours as PIC. Whilst thaT may be true under FAA rules, I am not sure if it is true under CAA/ JAA rules.

1. The first hours were what I think was my "FAA bianual flight review". These I did with an instructor in a type of plane I have already flown. Whilst I did all the flying, landing, etc the instructor did the taxiing as I was at an unfamiliar airport, and did all the RT, as my headset was fooked.

2. The second hour in question was a check out to let me fly in a different type of plane, again I did all the actual flying, landing etc, but the instructor did the taxiing, and about half the RT.

My thoughts are that it would not be correct to log these as PIC, as the instructor was pretty much in charge of the conduct of the flight at all times.
Ive heard however that there is something called PIUS, pilot in command under supervision, which might apply to my situation. What is a definition of this exactly, and does it count as PIC? There is no separate column in my logbook to log PIUS, so I am wary to put these hours in the PI column.

What is the correct way to log these hours under JAR/CAA rules.

Cheers, Badboy.

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