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Krystal n chips
19th Nov 2006, 21:30
The standard of UK TV is often, er, "commented on" on this site--with some justification as it's 90 % cp --which is putting it politely. However, I have just watched a fascinating and moving programme about VC winners on C5.

The next time we read / have stuffed in our faces by some vacuous meat brained sub intellectual "celeb" and / or journo who supports this sort of :mad: TV prog, it might seen quite a reasonable idea to get hold of the "person" and er , stick it in front of this prog--there are are three parts to it---and delicately "advise" it that "this is reality dhead, not the farce you support and propose as such"----albeit with due concern for their welfare and human rights of course :rolleyes: --we wouldn't want the poor dears suffering PTS after all by being introduced to reality now would we ? :E .

A very interesting programme showing some very special people ( NO disrespect either to others across the world who have also won awards for their personal gallantry ) who have won a very special award.

However, as always, the other side of the coin. One winner, Bill Speakman, was later forced to sell his medal--to quite literally keep a roof over his head. Only in the UK I suggest.

19th Nov 2006, 22:45
Bill Speakman went to my old school, there was a plaque there honouring him, courtesy of the Altrincham Historical Society...

"Private Bill Speakman 14471590, who was born in Altrincham in 1927 at 17 Moss Lane, is one of the few privates to have been awarded a Victoria Cross and is probably the best-remembered Korea VC. He attended Oakfield Street Infant School then Wellington Road School. At 15 he joined the cadets of the Cheshire Regiment and at 18 joined the Black Watch, The First Battalion The Kings Own Scottish Borderers. He was and still is six feet seven inches (2m) tall and although born in Cheshire has dark Scottish looks. After serving in Trieste, Hong Kong and Germany he volunteered for Korea in 1951. In 1952 he was awarded the VC for his actions when wounded and under fire from the Chinese in November 1951 and came home to an official reception in Altrincham. When King George VI died he represented the Army when the Services broadcast tributes. He married Rachel Snitch in Singapore and they had six children. He retired from the Army at 40 and bought a house in Huntingdonshire. He sold his war medals for 1,500 to repair the house, which were later sold in 1982 for 20,000 but are now in the War Museum of Scotland at Edinburgh Castle. He later moved to Torquay, was divorced in 1972 and went to South Africa where he changed his name to Speakman-Pitt, remarried, and had another daughter. Bill has now moved back to the Altrincham area and is president of Altrincham and Bowdon Civic Society."

Impress to inflate
20th Nov 2006, 09:27
I caught the last half of the program. Bloody brilliant. As you say, our TV has gone to the dogs over the last few years with wannabees and triple Z has been celebs doing reality cross-stitch knitting and Mongolian cooking all at prime time. I'm getting pissed off with paying the license now. :ugh: :ugh: