View Full Version : Shamrock kills the wallabies

19th Nov 2006, 20:36
To all you rugby fans out there, just wanted to say well done Ireland. A convincing and well deserved win over our hapless, very poor "World Cup Squad". It's a shame you are not playing the All Blacks as they tour the Northern Hemisphere. It would be a contest I would enjoy seeing. Nevertheless I have drowned my sorrows in a few Heineken and will hope the Wallabies improve.......:{ :{ now where did I put that Scotland scarf?

20th Nov 2006, 00:05

Your lot were neither hapless or very poor... they were just beaten by a better team :E

Roll on the Six Nations...

20th Nov 2006, 01:34
Ireland did play brilliantly, especially in the first half. Phases of play, brilliant.
Terrible conditions as well.
But there were still passes were it was 'here's your ball', 'don't frigging pass it to me, I don't want it are you mad oh [email protected] Im am a dead man OOOMMPH, oouch, that really hurt.'
But what was with all the handbags at dawn thing, punches all over the place.
But the Wallabies did put up some startling defence work. [email protected]
Really good game.

20th Nov 2006, 01:59
Most of the hurtin' seemed to have been done by green 6...

Handbags, sadly, are emerging as an Ozzie trait lately, when they sense defeat, I predict we'll see it in the Ashes as well. Its a tactic of attempted intimidation, doesn't always work - especially against Munster guys :ok:

Siht conditions but a great game nonetheless.

(still think the Boks are dark horses if they get their selection issues sorted... fat chance of that)

Standard Noise
20th Nov 2006, 12:22
As BO'd said afterwards, bring on the world cup!