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The Real Slim Shady
18th Nov 2006, 20:40
We have all done something, which we have subsequently regretted, because it seemed like a good idea at the time: the box of courgettes and Jet shop shirts from Cyprus fall into the insignificant but after a few beers category for me.

But, there is always 1 single life changing **** up.

For me...............never ever fall in love with someone called Carole when you are 17....makes the remaining xx years tricky!!

Any offers??

18th Nov 2006, 21:01
Never date a girl named after a state or a season. :=

...or a weather phenomena :{

18th Nov 2006, 21:14
Bringing live oysters back from Sydney. (They may well have been acquired in NZ)
Bless the BA Cabin Crew, they provided ice to held keep them 'fresh' but they just weren't intent on surviving. By the time we reached Blighty the oysters had forgotten the words and were beginning to hum.
Shame, they were intended as a 'surprise' for the wife (and, NO, I wasn't trying to make her ill or kill her - at that stage).

18th Nov 2006, 21:18
Never wrap up a two litre bottle of Vino Rosso in a couple of towels, put it in a soft holdall with all your other clothes, put said holdall in with hold baggage whilst going stimulating in Norway!!

I could smell the bag before it came through the sliding doors on the carousel at Stavanger:ugh: Doh!!

Loose rivets
19th Nov 2006, 03:00
A HUGE wicker basket of oranges from Cyprus.

Malta night stop and an aircraft change. "Yes, you can bring the oranges in, but not the leaves."

It takes bleeeeeeeedin ages getting the leaves off dozens of oranges...in the dark, cos no ground power.

Standard Noise
19th Nov 2006, 06:47
Saying to the MIL, 'no Mxxx, you've been no trouble at all, it's been lovely having you here, come back soon.'

I was younger and naive where dragons were concerned. The words 'rod' and 'back' took on new significance after that statement.:ugh: :{

Lon More
19th Nov 2006, 11:16
Never, ever, have a tattoo with someone's name in it - except mum or Elvis. Laser surgery is v. expensive and painful, allegedly:eek:

19th Nov 2006, 13:35
Never wrap up a six eggs in a plastic egg container :8 in your sleeping bag and put it in the bottom of your backpack with all your other camping gear, then hitchhike down to the south coast of England :{

and IF you do, try to avoid the Jumbo sized eggs :ugh:

19th Nov 2006, 13:49
With a bit of forethought (!) you could have hard-boiled said eggs in advance. In my experience, fresh eggs are (were?) available direct from local farms (if you really WERE hitchhiking).
But there again, 'tis a fact that folk learn more from their mistakes than from doing things right the first time.

try to avoid the Jumbo sized eggs :ugh:
Had you robbed an elephant's nest in a rhubarb tree?

19th Nov 2006, 14:06
Never date a girl named after a state or a season. :=

...or a weather phenomena :{

Or a virtue. "Faith, Hope, and Charity" were great names for plucky Gladiator fighters defending Malta, but not so good for the 'A' model wife.

19th Nov 2006, 17:27
I was once travelling Lufthansa out of Lagos with hand baggage only. A Chief Pilot's wife of the German persuasion was very busy scrounging our baggage allowances. There was me doing Lagos-Frankfurt-Bremen and a friend of hers travelling Lagos-Frankfurt-Naples so that she lumbered us with her stuff from Lagos to Frankfurt.

It was the usual chaos at the check-in counter. Some poor menial was supposed to tag all the bags Lagos-Frankfurt but in the confusion he sent one, the one with the two kilos of frozen Tiger prawns, via Frankfurt to Naples. There was a guttural shriek of horror as this fact came to light. I suppose she was imagining her dainty feminine underthings being in there with two kilos of rotting prawns.

They stopped the baggage belt and sent the menial down into the darkness to emerge ten minutes later pushing a suitcase to be relabelled, when order was restored.

Krystal n chips
19th Nov 2006, 18:26
Climb on to the roof and then the balcony at Cranwell---at night--and then climb down again---given that when you see it in daylight, the first thought is "F$$K me ----no way!"--it's a "rather steep roof ".

And never be enticed by lights and the urge to consume alcohol near Obersdorf----we decided the lights we could see on top of ridge had to be a welcoming bar--again, at night--so we elected to take the scenic route up a snow covered hillside----there was "quite a lot of snow" actually:hmm: ---and when we did make our destination----forgive me father, we have sinned---it was a b%dy Church !.

20th Nov 2006, 04:54
Free drinks party at a city nightclub 16 years old, bourbon and coke until ones kness buckled - projectile vomiting:yuk: and trying to clean ity all up all in my Grandmothers unit:ugh: :{ - but yeah free drinks sounded like a good idea at the time :hmm:

20th Nov 2006, 14:57
Never try looking for a CD in the car in the dark when negotiating the dark lane that leads away from AA Towers.

Daughter #1 did on Fri evg, and wrote off her car and about 10m of fence in the process. She was fine, btw, and kind Dad bought her another one via Ebay within 48 hours - though not as nice as the one she wrecked that now sits in our yard. And I had to spend an hour recovering it so we could drive past it....

20th Nov 2006, 20:18
On a drunken nightstop give the chief pilot your true opinion of him:\

Or sleep with the hosties. They compare notes you know:uhoh: