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11th Aug 2001, 22:00
Does anyone know what (if any) tax claim we can make for the costs most of us incur in carrying out are duties that employers don’t reimburse, such as;

1 Dry cleaning of uniform
2 Flight cases
3 Having to renew our licences every 5 years

Is this sort of thing down to each local tax office do decide whether you can claim or is there a case of precedence we can all quote.
If you can claim, do you have to provide receipts?

Thank you to all those that take the time to help me on this, it is very much appreciated.
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Super Stall
11th Aug 2001, 23:36

The expenses you refer to come under the heading of Flat Rated Expenses, and yes, they are negotiated at a regional tax office level.

Give your employers tax office a ring (quoting your employers tax code) and they will let you know the figure that has been agreed, then just include in your tax return.

Unfortunately the amounts can vary by 100's of pounds between the various offices. Mine by way of illustration is 580, many are less, some probably more.

Edited because I forgot to say that as yet nobody has asked for any receipts, which is good, because I aint got any.
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12th Aug 2001, 01:37
Mines 748!