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11th Aug 2001, 15:17
After the tragedy that fell upon Sri Lankan Airlines recently at CMB, does anyone know how this has affected their schedules :(

I'm am hoping to use their services from LHR to MLE via CMB and wondered if they are greatly affected by the lack of aircraft now available to them. Rumour of Emirates assisting has been heard. Can anyone confirm/deny ?? :cool:

11th Aug 2001, 17:54
Try their web site ;
www.srilankan.lk (http://www.srilankan.lk)
for flight information.

As far as I know they still operate daily LHR-CMB and CMB-MLE flights.

11th Aug 2001, 20:05
:) Thanks for that. Just checked and it seems that flights are operating on the days required. If anyone else has any local info regarding flights, please advise.

Off to the beach I go then :cool:

12th Aug 2001, 09:28
As of now some sectors where services were being operated with A320s like TRZ,BOM DEL and KHI among others ,the services have been withdrawn till further notice as both A 320s are damaged (the extent of damage is not known althogh these aircraft were not the ones which got totally burned out which were 330s/340).
Sectors like Male and Madras which were being serviced with both 320s as well as 330s
are now served with reduced frequency using 330s/340s.Since MLE is a short haul sector
there shouldnt be any problems with these flights although the frequncies will be lower till the fleet strength returns to the original compliment of 12 which doesnt appear likely in the near future.
Currently the operating fleet has only six
Hope this helps

15th Aug 2001, 16:45
Hey Cat-Club.

You can always connect via Kuwait! We're operating 3/week from KWI with the 747 Jurassic. Going there tonight. :cool:

15th Aug 2001, 23:13
Yes, SriLankan is still operating daily to LHR and MLE.