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7th Nov 2006, 07:01
You will no doubt remember the case of PC Alexander Omar Basha (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?t=246704). During the recent Israeli-Lebanese conflict he requested that he not be sent to guard the Israeli embassy, and this was agreed. There followed a debate as too whether this was approved purely because of his request, or because of concerns over the safety of his family.

A case has now arisen of a Muslim policeman removed from the security detail at No 10 because he has lost his security clearance. He has now begun race and religious discrimination proceedings against the Metropolitan Police.

The Independent is, of course, indignant about this dreadful slur upon the loyalty of yet another Muslim police officer. Another, you ask? Ah yes, because, the Independent goes on to say:

"His case raises further concerns about the treatment of Muslim firearms officers working in Metropolitan Police Force. Last month, at the height of the conflict in southern Lebanon, PC Alexander Basha was prohibited from guarding the Israeli embassy in Kensington Palace Gardens, central London, because of concern about his family links with Lebanon."

7th Nov 2006, 07:35
My respect for George Orwell just continues to grow...

I wonder how many real life Winstons are out there today banging away on their New Labour keyboards?

tony draper
7th Nov 2006, 10:43
Reminds me of a story a old timer told me,he is in a reserved ocupation during the war,he works in a large factory on the Newcastle quayside,also working there is a a old German chap who had lived in the UK from the year dot,but he still spoke geordie with a German accent,one night they hear the drone of Bomber engines overhead and rush outside and commense anxiously scanning the dark skies,the German chappy pipes up
"Its all right chaps its one of ours"
They all turn and look at him.

Curious Pax
7th Nov 2006, 12:23
Have you looked at what has actually happened before venting? Seems PC Farooq was told that he was a threat to national security because his children had attended a mosque linked to a cleric suspected of links to an extremist group. His children are 9 and 11! He was also told that his presence in the Met's Diplomatic Protection Group might upset the US Secret Service with whom they work closely.

I don't know if the discrimination proceedings are the right way of going about things, but losing a good posting on the basis that your pre-pubescent children might brainwash you, and this could upset the Americans, would seem like reason for complaint on the grounds of lunacy!

7th Nov 2006, 12:38
:confused: I think the first post might be worth a slow re-read Pax ;)

anyway, if his children are nine AND eleven, then it must be a conspiracy :8

keyboard flier
7th Nov 2006, 12:38
But the mad mullahs are not above using children in their 'fight against tyrany'. "Young man, ask your daddy all about his work and then tell us"

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