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4th Nov 2006, 14:22
Am researching on the Malayan Auxiliary Air Force (MAAF).

From publications on Spitfires, I drew the conclusion that 3 Mk.24s were issued to the Singapore Wing of the MAAF at RAF Tengah. They were PK681, PK683 and VN494.

I managed to contact a gentleman who flew with MAAF, but unfortunately his flying log only showed Tiger Moths, Harvards and Chipmunks. He told me that the Spitfires were used for only a short while and were only flew by RAF instructors.

Can anyone confirm the serials of the MAAF Spitfires and have photos of this birds during its active life?



4th Nov 2006, 16:08
A quick look at the info I have seems to show PK681, PK683 and VN494 as Singapore AF machines, and shows nothing of the MAAF,though it does say ATC Malya under PK683 not sure of my history there. Will look more - PK683 also seems to be still in existance at Southampton Hall ofAviation so you may well find more from them.:ok:

Brian Abraham
5th Nov 2006, 00:28
My records have,
PK681 test flown Flt/Lt Wigley 25min 8-3-46 33MU 28-11-46 RNAS Renfrew 29-6-49 Seletar Singapore 12-8-49 MBFE 11-9-50 Singapore AAF 20-7-51 390MU 7-3-52 SOC 15-4-54

PK683 test flown L R Colquhoun 15min 19-2-46 33MU 13-8-46 Pyrrhus 12-8-50 FEAF 7-9-50 MBFE storage 12-9-50 FAC3R 2-7-51 Singapore AAF 24-7-51 Hit PK681 while taxying at Tengah 29-9-52 390MU 10-2-53 SOC 15-4-54 ATC Malaya as 7150M extant Hall of Aviation Southampton

VN494 test flown W R Morgan 10min SM 19-12-47 9MU 14-1-48 FEAF 22-10-50 MBFE storage 26-10-50 Singapore AF 23-7-51 SOC 18-2-54

You will find the history of PK683 here,