View Full Version : Solution to vulnerability of aircraft to NYC style terrorism / variation on a theme

26th Sep 2001, 18:49
Here's an idea, or rather a variation on a theme, that I have yet to see:

Introduction of a "panic button" in the cockpit.

Such button, when pressed, would engage autopilot to fly a pre-set diversion route to nearest alternate, and to subsequently land by autoland.

Probably irreversible, certainly without a special PIN, which itself could only be accessed from the ground, it would deter hijackers from taking over flight control of an aircraft, if they managed (by whatever persuasive means) to gain access to the flight deck.

Perhaps allied to decent strengthened flight deck doors, and a sensible SOP, it would hopefully eradicate the threat of a/c as a means of devastating terrorism...

And if the button was enacted, either deliberately, or as an accirdent, then all that would happen would be the aircraft would land safely. Then we would either be back to traditional hijack circumstance (not pretty, I agree), or hopefully, just a bit of annoyance caused by a diversion en route...

Technology available now, certainly on fly by wire aircraft. Possible on all aircraft. Would require some re-design and a sensible procedure plus back up...

Any comment ?


(as this is my first post NYC post, may god rest all their souls.)

26th Sep 2001, 19:56
Yup, now I think I've heard it all.