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1 inch daft of the d
30th Oct 2006, 21:42
I am interested in getting information about the display pilot Chris Bevan. I know that a man as modest as himself would never write an autobiography, but I am interested to know if anybody has written his biography. By all accounts he is an extremely interesting human being and I would love to hear stories of his younger display days and of his commercial flying.

Thank you

Daft of the datum

31st Oct 2006, 09:20
Good luck with the project. Chris is a really nice guy and I have flown with him a few times. There is not much he hasn't done or flown.

31st Oct 2006, 12:09
I remember that he displayed Doug Arnold's Spitfire IX and P-38 at the Biggin Air Fair, probably about 1989 / 1990. I heard he professed himself less than impressed with the P-38's condition... Whether he flew it both days or not, I don't recall!

PPRuNe Pop
6th Nov 2006, 05:22
A more modest man it would be hard to find.

He flew 'Sally B' a lot while still a Captain with BA on the 747. I flew with him a few times. Once when he gave me a check ride in a T6 - a proper one - in which I got to know the aeroplane pretty well.

I am not at all sure if he is still flying but I doubt that he has written anything about himself, even if he is retired, but I agree it would be most interesting.

24th Nov 2006, 00:51
He displayed a German aircraft at Biggin Hill this summer.

2nd Sep 2012, 17:12
having known chris bevan thru boac and ba for years
please contact to discuss
kind regards

3rd Sep 2012, 20:36
There's a nice clip of Chris Bevan 'scrambling' Spencer Flacks Red MKXIV Spit at West Malling on an old Videotape i have somewhere, circa early 80's. I think that was probably the first time i had heard of him