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27th Oct 2006, 20:48
Several BAC aircraft are at SEN and have been for some months and there is also a red stripe unliveried one. Is BAC still running as the aircraft are regularly moved around and started up by Storm aviation but do not fly or are they up for sale.

27th Oct 2006, 22:19
Are BAC Express ever so hopefull by keeping them in an operational state some company may come along and purchase one or two?

With them having a connection with Air Contractors is the shed almost relegated to the garden as the ATR freighters seem to have cornered the market? or at least within the U.K.

Say again s l o w l y
27th Oct 2006, 23:08
BAC Express are a totally seperate entity from ACL now. Don't know what's happening with the shed's at SEN though.

Tootles McShootles
31st Oct 2006, 10:47
Think a lot of those Sheds belong to ACL

Far as I am aware they have 3 aircraft at the moment and have just bought ALL the Emerald sheds.

Think most are going to be scrapped tho ?

31st Oct 2006, 10:52
May I kindly ask what seems to be wrong with the Short 360, its a nice Aircraft to fly, when it comes to making money from it am not sure it has a payload of about 3500 Kilograms which maybe a good choice for a small scale Operation and its a nice Aircraft to start with maybe am wrong.

Also I have been to this BAC's website what seems to be the problem with the company they have lots of experience with the SB360 having leased and sold them out to major companies in the past, any information about this company is well appreciated also you mention they have 3 shorets what is wrong with the shorts they have and anyone care to speculate on the value of each aircraft based on current market value.

Any info and advice is well appreciated.


31st Oct 2006, 11:50

There is nothing wrong with the Shorts itself, many of us have started our flying careers on an aircraft which is a joy to hand fly. It does fill a nieche market, but increasingly it does so at a rising cost to the operator.

Many airframes are aproaching their mid life audits which is basically a strip down and rebuild check which for many operators is simply not viable.

Combine that with TAWS and TCAS requirements its sometimes simply not viable to keep these aircraft in the air. Its a shame, but why spend thousands on an ageing aircrat when you can lease an ATR etc with none of these worries.

As far as value ? An aircraft without either of the above is basically worthless apart from the engines, its not like buying a modern aircraft, each aircraft would be valued on how much viable flying life it has in it which is why there are so many lying about waiting to be parted out or sold abroad.

31st Oct 2006, 11:57

Many thanks for your comments it is to my understading that the 3 Aircraft at BAC are of the 1984-5 manufacturing years and all 3 of them cmply with EASA regulations meaning they have the TCAS 2 as for the TAWS am not too sure.

What is the operational cost of this Aircraft on a per hour basis how much is the hourly furl burn i know it has a tank of about 430 Gallons but how much of that is burnt per hours am not sure.

I absolutly love this plane but am not sure of what a pilot can expect in terms of salary from a new operator that would be willing to give the SB360 a chance.

What would you say is the better Aircraft from a economical and financial implication point of view between the METRO III, SB360 and the LET410 as they are all Aircraft that Id love to fly by hand but they each have a different payload and hourly operational costs but what aircraft is likliest to make a new operator money and still give a pilot a decent enough salary.


3rd Nov 2006, 10:13
Can someone kindly please confirm to me that BAC Leasing has found a Lessee for 2 of its Cargo Shorts 360's My friend tells me this as his working in London Southend Id very much like to have contact for the New operator of these Aircraft as Id love the Chance to see one up close and personal and maybe even fly one.

Any Headsup is appreciated and many Happy and Safe landings to All.

Your one and only WA ;)

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