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23rd Mar 2001, 02:48
Breaking News: FedEx Overnight PeoplePak Stirs Industry Concern

MEMPHIS, TN - Federal Express Corporation stunned the air
travel and commercial shipping industries today when president
and CEO Theodore Weise unveiled plans to begin shipping live
humans as early as April 2001, offering frugal travelers the
lowest airfares in U.S. history and sparking heated controversy
among top industry professionals.

For more on this news see:
http://AirlineBiz.com/wire (or)

P.S all travelers must carry a Volleyball on each flight. :) :) :)


Upstairs for thinking down stairs for dancing.

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23rd Mar 2001, 03:01
1st April, perchance?

23rd Mar 2001, 14:25
Is this late for Apl 1 2000, or early for Apl 1 2001?

23rd Mar 2001, 20:43
Cute, would have been more interesting if posted on April 1st.

24th Mar 2001, 03:54
Love to travel?
Choose from 211 FedEx destinations around the world.

Tired of sub-standard airline service?
No more waiting in lines, dealing with surly flight
attendants or overly talkative seat-mates. Guaranteed privacy.

Want to be sure about when you'll arrive at your destination?
Under the strictest security procedures, you may be scanned an
average of 12 times from the beginning to the end of your journey.
Also, information about your progress will be available to your
family and friends on the FedEx website.

Looking for excitement?
Forget roller coasters and bungee jumping. Nothing matches the
thrill of riding the FedEx Express sort, along with 3.3 million
other packages every night.

Crave variety?
You have your choice of more than 660 technologically advanced

Want to be pampered?
Enjoy exclusive door-to-door "limousine" service courtesy of our
friendly and efficient FedEx couriers who are anxious for your
company as they transport you in one of our 45,000 vehicles.

Ms. Roberson said, "It's the ultimate in no-frills travel.
We put the "e" in economy!" However, she added, "Sorry, folks
it's not true. FedEx Express absolutely, positively has no
plans to ship people." Ms. Roberson said, "We feel it's best
to concentrate on our core business, which is to provide rapid
reliable, time-definite delivery of documents, packages and
freight shipments worldwide."

Just get the Volleyball to the game on time!


Upstairs for thinking down stairs for dancing. :)

Tops Fly Props
1st Apr 2001, 15:53
....now it's the 1st April and the links don't work anymore....