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22nd Mar 2001, 20:33
I read in the Times the other day that 3i may have exclusive options to purchase GO. Either way the show must go on, so how are things? Is it true the airline is now profitable?

When is the Bristol base going to be up and running?

Is there any truth to the rumour that 737NG's may be on their way soon?

glider insider
22nd Mar 2001, 21:12
things are going great....look to make over a million profit this year...

bristol going well, will be starting flights from BRS on 22 May. Launching 8 routes for the summer with 3 a/c...these are AGP, NCE, PMI, BCN, FAO, CIA, ALC, IBZ. I think each will be daily.....

overall the summer programme looks good and everyone at Go is confident for the future.

23rd Mar 2001, 02:29
I think the west country operation will be a success. I don't suppose it's anything other than co-incidence though that 5 of GO's destinations out of BRS are to Spain, and the new owners of BRS happen to be Spanish.

Does this mean Figment gets pulled out of retirement (again)!!

23rd Mar 2001, 10:59
Great to hear the positive stance at GO!

What about the 737NG's then?

How do you see your summer going in terms of rosters, sectors per day and sectors per week?

It is encouraging to see the substantial pay rise at GO, is it "on-line" yet?

Gusset lock
24th Mar 2001, 23:05
Nice to hear you guys positive about the future.

Now the KLM buy out is dead how do you think the planned expansion will go? Can GO survive as a single entity , or does it need the backing of a major?

I just got a letter today saying to expect an interview soonish. So the rosier the picture , the easier the decision.

'...flying is the art of throwing yourself at the ground and missing..'

25th Mar 2001, 03:00
Have also just received an interview letter from Go. Does the Bristol openning mean most recruitment happening at the mo will be for a Bristol base???

25th Mar 2001, 18:40
Never mind one million pound profit, it is closer to three!
Eat your heart out Stelios!

glider insider
25th Mar 2001, 19:38
as a non-flyer I cant comment on the rostering issues...as yet we have not oreded any NG a/c ( as far as I know)...but like any airline the fleet is always under review. At present we are basing most of our crews at STN, though I believe an advert went out for crew to be based at both EDI and GLA due to the high number of domestic flights being operated. I dont think we will be basing crews at BRS for the moment, although in the future as Go expands this might prove necessary. I think a lot of W flying will be taking place to avoid too many night stops at BRS. As regards post KLM bid...no definite news on the sale process although apparantly it is still on track, Go should definitely be able to survive on it's own , we are ahead of the forecast that was given to BA upon start up and we are going up to 15 or 16 a/c this summer with I think more due during winter as well.
Press speculation continues about Go, but this is purely speculation in the abscence of major news, I think press might be frustrated by the lack of sale process news, but commercial reasons have stopped the Go management team and BA saying more.

29th Mar 2001, 13:56
Had a chat with someone yesterday who thinks GO will double its fleet in the next 3 yrs. This would make them a very serious player in the low cost airline sector.

Watch out EasyJet and Ryanair were his parting comments. Is this possible?

29th Mar 2001, 14:30
C'mon guys.

If Go is such a little gold mine why do BA want to get shot of it?

You don't give away a million-a-year (three?) and install a competitor to yourself in a crowded marketplace unless you are completely barmy or absolutely desparate for every last penny you can scrape together.

Or, of course, you can see that the no-frills proposition is going to go down the tubes...

29th Mar 2001, 15:25
Lets face it - BA results not good again! Big cash injection by selling Go. Plus the fact that the more succesful Go is the BA are driving people away from their own high yield sched service operation. Unless you are feeding your own intl routes via low cost feeders, you are always going to be working against yourself in this kind of tie-up!
BA were always going to get this off the ground and sell it - and thats what they are going to do.......the success of the bizz just means that they are gonna get a hell of a lot more dosh than they planned for the sale!

30th Mar 2001, 00:36
BA and GO. Simple economics. GO takes at least some of BA's traffic so it's got to go! You take 600 quid out of one pocket and put 100 into the other. Pure genius! Some idea see where it got the last boss.

30th Mar 2001, 10:05
At least from a pilots point the pay deal at Go appears transparenet, not smoke and mirrors like Ryanair.

Full steam ahead for GO was another comment I received yesterday. New A/c, new routes, new bases all means more pilots and that has to be a good thing.

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30th Mar 2001, 12:45
I hope you dont mind me asking but what is the package now for a captain?
Thanks a lot,

'Keep the Stress Down'

Rocket Ron
30th Mar 2001, 13:04

Not relevant to the thread, but to save you looking.

GO Captain wef 1st April:

Basic: 62,000
Sector: 20 (17.60 net).
Nightstop:40 (35.20 net).

I did 857 hours past 12 months and 400 sectors. Grossed-up allowances are about 13,000, which gives overall package of 75,000. Okay?

30th Mar 2001, 16:49
Virgin Express looks like calling it a day, so more opportunities for a GOing concern! Did'nt someone once say they saw BC at LGW "chatting" with a few people. If the red 737's stop visiting LGW, there just may be room for another low-fares operator?

I suspect more GOod news on the horizon.

2nd Apr 2001, 14:49
Seats for sale out of BRS now, things are on the move.

Will there be a european base next?

2nd Apr 2001, 15:03
I heard recently that they were thinking of opening Bases in Barcelona and Rome...