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22nd Oct 2006, 03:01
I may, just may mind you, have one of the the rarest photograph of modern time.

It is a picture of a Concorde and a Spitfire in formation over the cliffs of dover. It is 12 by 14 inches. The middle of the photo is divided by the green grass and the white chalk of the cliffs.

In the picture the white Concorde over the green grass has a very high angle of attack and the Spitfire over the white cliffs has a slightly elevated angle of attack and is in a right bank of about 20 degrees.

A very good English friend gave me this photo for our wedding present. She said that there were only 5 copies.

On the back of the photo there is the Royal Seal with the copy-write and the statement that this photo can never be copied without HRM's permission.

My wife and I received this picture 16 years ago. I have never seen a copy of this picture anywhere, including museums in the US or the UK. Nor on the Internet.

So, do I have the real thing, or was my friend kidding us?

Oh, sorry, the other four copies belong to the Royal Family, the "Times" (of London of course), my friend and the photographer.

PS, It's for sale, if real, for no less than one million pounds. Just kidding, I would never lose possession of this photo. As I have told my wife, if the house ever catches on fire the first thing I will save is that picture.

22nd Oct 2006, 19:22
Yes, that is what my friend told me. The original photo formation consisted of the 'Red Arrows' and various other World War II and current RAF aircraft (well current in 1990).

This picture was the last one taken as the formations were breaking up and returning to their home bases and staging areas.

It is an unbelievably impressive photograph. I have it on the wall in my bar.

23rd Oct 2006, 02:05
Would you like to share a suitably 'censored' copy of it with our ExPats resident in the 'Colonies'?

23rd Oct 2006, 11:16
This description fits an MoD photograph that was sold as a large format postcard by the 'After the Battle' publishing house under reference J93.
The Concorde is G-BOAA and the Spitfire P7350.
It appears quite regularly on ebay where indeed I acquired my copy.
A fantastic shot.

26th Oct 2006, 20:50
Could this be the final picture as the flypast finished ?http://i74.photobucket.com/albums/i271/Virgo_photo/Concordeandspit.jpg

27th Oct 2006, 21:48
Thirty years ago (about) was the opening of DFW, and there was a remarkable aerial view in AvWeek with a DC-3, Ford Trimotor, Concorde, Goodyear blimp, and a few more all visible on the ramp, taxiways, and runway.
I couldn't afford a good print at the time - maybe it's still in their files!

28th Oct 2006, 19:11

That is not the photo I have. The photo you posted could have been taken around the same time mine was, however, it is from the opposite angle or view than my photo.

In my picture the Concord is over the green grass, just starting to pass over the white light house, the Spitfire is at the 3 o-clock position about 50 below and a 100 feet off the right wing of the Concord with the white cliffs as the background and at the very bottom of the picture one can see the water of the English Channel.

I was at the NBAA convention last week and talked to an English couple that were selling paintings, photos and wire models of various aircraft, mostly English. I discribed the photo to them, and in fact made a crude drawing (an artist I am not) of the photo. They said they had never seen a copy of the picture.

So, I still have no idea how rare this picture is.

28th Oct 2006, 22:29
Similar to this?
Image courtesy of 'After the Battle' - reference J93

28th Oct 2006, 23:41
Yes, it is similar, however my picture was probably taken just a few moments later, with either a wider focal range or from a greater distance.

That is the closest so far.

Thank you Mark.

1st Nov 2006, 20:19
Con-pilot...........dunno whether you want to know this, but I've got the address where you can purchase a 25" x 35" copy of the photo submitted by Mark 22. If you're interested, PM me.
(Anyone know what the plinth on the top of the cliffs is a memorial to ?)

1st Nov 2006, 21:14
I think the plinth is the WWI Dover Patrol Memorial at St Margarets Bay. Apparently it is one of three, the others being in New York Harbor and at Cap Blanc Nez (although the latter was destroyed by ze Germans)