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21st Oct 2006, 18:36
This is the first thread that I have posted on prune, but have enjoyed reading all the threads from the guys.
EK has in my opinion, just last week defined the reason why pilots should not consider joining!
The bus drivers in the rhs, have been "given the opportunity" to transition to the 777 as f/os, after which they will do 6 months in the rhs, then a comand course! This applies to all who have been in the company for 3 years.The first courses available are in the second quarter of 07!So this puts you in the left seat in the middle of 08!
All pilots meeting the accellerated comand criteria, are allowed to transition directly to the left seat.
So yet again, no regard for seniority exists in this company! Flying 100hrs a month to keep the sched going and helping out when you can has seen no reward from a carreer point of view.
The 380 delay has been the excuse, but the real reason is that they employed direct entry captains.Surely these direct entries should be forced to go to the 777, as after all they are junior to somewhat 80 or 90 f/os in this position. Unfortunately, one cannot stand up and talk straight about these issues to the company, and of course there is no professional body allowed to do this on your behalf.
I understand the need for a company to make the best finacial decisions, but surely an investment in your loyal staff is the best investment one can make.:ugh:

21st Oct 2006, 18:49
Non pilot speaking: They are doing this because they can? For whatever commercial reasons they, the management, choose?

As the LCC market has seen in the past decade, Times They Are A Changin' ...

21st Oct 2006, 18:53
Yep, paxboy, it seems so, but what still amazes me is that they get pilots to come and are still selling 3 years to comand!