View Full Version : The Next Big Step

21st Oct 2006, 02:28
Hi all

Allow me to introduce myself first. I am currently a 17 year old studying full-time in a pre-university college in Singapore. I've been holding on to an SPL since Jan with no form of training, after my application to SYFC (Singapore Youth Flying Club) was rejected.:ugh:

My next route is to pursue a PPL in Johore. The only problem now is my parents who get a little uptight on Malaysian standards despite my explanations. I have convinced my dad though to allow me to go up for a 2hr trial flight.

I need help and advice from you guys on getting a PPL in Johore. As a full-time student, I only have the holidays and weekends to leave out enough time to fly. My final goal is to eventually attain an airline/cargo pilot career.

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