View Full Version : Oxford down the tubes??

25th Sep 2001, 19:59
have heard from good authority that all BA, Lingus and Midland cadets have been canned, North African and M. Eastern students sent home, Gloster short- course section shut down and generally all decidedly not rosy. Surely the great Oxford cannot tumble? Anyone shed any light? :confused:

Wee Weasley Welshman
25th Sep 2001, 20:36
Well the BA cadets will all finish their courses so there is some revenue. All the BM and AL cadets have been cut loose. In most instances they will have several weeks to run before their advance payments run out. At which point some will leave and others will self sponsor to completion.

I have no information on some of the foreign airlines there.

Whilst this is a significant blow there is no immediate cessation of cashflow and OATS is owned by a large American company. I find it implausible that the place is going to close or anything dramatic.

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