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17th Oct 2006, 12:11
Any truth in the rumour that another investigation is opening up on MK ref recent incidents ?

17th Oct 2006, 17:35
I'm afraid I've heard a similar rumour ...

17th Oct 2006, 21:26
And what incidents are they then?


crew the screw
18th Oct 2006, 18:04
EEk Not more surely?


19th Oct 2006, 02:51
Hey you guys....

If you don't want to fly for MK, fine...who do you work for and what is the problem if there is an "investigation" into the airline or not?

Many people earn their livings there and some, perhaps are not lucky enough (or maybe not) to have a union to back them.

Flying such as MK and many other carriers do requires real pilots making real decisions. If there is an "investigation" into "whatever" who among us can honestly say they haven't been in that same position at one time or another, whether it is a no-go decision re: MEL, or "We'll be 5 minutes over time" by scheduled arrival?

Be happy with your jobs wherever you work, and if you don't like it, give notice and go elsewhere.

Please don't slag anyone else's livelyhood.

19th Oct 2006, 15:04
That would be a shame as MK only very recently got their UK AOC. Perhaps they've transgressed the letter of the UK law?