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14th Oct 2006, 20:17
please check these pics of serious wing damage after trucks slammed into it


my cyrillic is very lmited so any further info is appreciated

14th Oct 2006, 22:23


15th Oct 2006, 08:45
Vnukova in Moscow, the first pic is a"state" aircraft, and the second is the airline from Mineralalnyye Voda (Mineral Water). The last pic confirms the airport location.
I was not in Moscow at that exact time but the position of the "incident is the Main aprion at VNO 1 terminal.
Thats all I know.

Except the type is Tu 154 B-2.


15th Oct 2006, 09:02

Shows almost same viewpoint, on a better day.


15th Oct 2006, 10:45
That's just a scratch, mate - takes more than that to stop a 154 getting airborne You can say that again..... :ooh:

ASN - (http://aviation-safety.net/database/record.php?id=20060926-0)26th September: A USAF Boeing KC-135R Stratotanker had just landed at Bishkek (FRU) and was leaving the runway. At the same time a Tupolev 154M of Altyn Air (EX-85718) was rolling for takeoff on runway 08. The right wing of the Tupolev collided with the KC-135, causing the outer eight feet of the wing to be ripped off. The Kyrgyz airliner was able to become airborne and quickly returned for an emergency landing. It operated on a flight to Osh (OSS) and Moscow.

The KC-135 caught fire and sustained extensive damage.

barry lloyd
17th Oct 2006, 11:48
Anyone who's been to Moscow in the last few years will not be surprised to see this damage. The driving standards, both on and off airports are horrendous.
I imagine the short-term result of this will be lots of paperwork, followed by the tanker driver losing his job. Having said that, the tractor unit looks very old, even by ex-Soviet standards, but even these days, damaging state property is still a big no-no.
Some years ago, a couple of refuellers at DME were having a crafty fag round the back of the vehicle, when the IL-62 they were refuelling caught fire, and was destroyed. I was told that the guys were put in jail, and are still there.

17th Oct 2006, 15:52
It appears the "state" aircraft might have been in taxi when the incident occurred. However, given the engine covers and wheel chocks, it would appear that the other Tupelov might have been just sitting there minding its own business when it got pranged. I do hope vodka wasn't involved, though I suspect the driver is in deep shyte regardless.

Moscow -- always an amazing and mysterious place. :ugh: :rolleyes:

ATC Watcher
17th Oct 2006, 16:15
Looking at the second truck cabin remains I am not sure the driver is not somewhere else than in jail.
But vehicles colliding with aircraft is not a Russian speciality, even the US is not immune in that field ...

18th Oct 2006, 18:30
Spoke to several locals who should know, and neither knew of the incident.

I will see them again later in week, and ask.

The Gulag is full so the driver is now working in the traffic police....