View Full Version : Who flew the Gooney Bird down Perth's Northern beaches this afternoon (14th Oct)??

14th Oct 2006, 12:38
I'd just about got to the Western edge of the Allan Park Oval above Swanbourne beach about 14:30 .. and lo and behold! .. I could hear that magnificent sound of a couple of big Twin Wasp radials, rumbling away!

Glanced up to my right .. just in time to see this Gooney Bird cruising down the beaches from the North, about 500-600', and maybe making 120kts?? .. watched it cruise down past Fremantle, and out of sight! .. Man! .. what a glorious sight! ..

Too far away to get the registration .. it was a plain aluminium colour, virtually no paint .. anyone know anything about it?? ..

David Eyre
15th Oct 2006, 23:56
Hi Onetrack,
That DC-3 is VH-CWS of Classic Wings. Classic Wings operate charter and scenic flights from Perth Airport. The aircraft only started ops from Perth on 2 September.
One of their flights is a Perth City and Beaches scenic flight - this is probably what you saw it doing. See their website:
Here are photos of the aircraft:
If you want specific info about any aircraft in Perth (Western Australia), I would recommend the following forum:
Perth, WA

16th Oct 2006, 00:14
David - Thanks for the great info. I didn't realise she was Perth-based, and doing regular tours.
Guess I'll have to pass the hint around, about a ticket to ride, being a suitable present! .. :ok: