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12th Oct 2006, 19:18
I have heard that the VC-10s were originally built to use LOX.

Does anyone know how it was carried and where it was located. I assume that it was probably in the same place as the oxygen bottles are fitted now.

When did they replace it and why?

Many thanks.

24th Oct 2006, 21:04
The VC10 was originally designed to use gaseous oxygen. However, in their wisdom the RAF ordered the aircraft with LOX, as this was the fashionable medium for the action man world. After some years it became obvious that the civilian world didn't like LOX, nasty stuff and very cold, hence not available at the many airports the RAF VC10s visited, and you've guessed the RAF modified their VC10 to a gaseous system.
In both cases the oxygen was stored in the right side forward fuselage.

25th Oct 2006, 15:21
I knew I could rely on someone for an answer :)

Thank you JamesA

28th Oct 2006, 22:59
The LOX system was to reduce weight as much as possible. Gaseous systems are heavy and the oxygen requirement was greater than for a civilian aircraft. (to enable unpressurised flight if necessary) The military VC10 had a weight problem due to the stressed metal cabin floor, designed to accept vehicles - e.g. the air portable Landrover - as drive-on cargo. We were still using LOX well into the seventies when I left them.

Of course, in the sixties and seventies the VC10s didn't often fly to or through civilian airports. The RAF had plenty of our own back then... :(