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12th Oct 2006, 07:28
The thread on this topic has been moved to a Ryanair thread in Airlines, Airports and Routes. This is not just a Ryanair thread. It is arguably more important to Aer Lingus' staff and customers than it is to those of Ryanair. It has too much significance for everybody involved in aviation to be hidden among page after page of discussion about possible new Ryanair routes. It is still news. May I respectfully appeal to the moderators to restore it to this section or at least to move it to an Aer Lingus thread since we haven't actually been taken over yet.

asleep at the wheel
12th Oct 2006, 08:23
Hear! Hear!

In fact it doesn't just affect EI but every pilot in europe.

Watch out BA!

12th Oct 2006, 08:58
AND the thread (Ryanair-3) is closed! :ugh:

This is definitely one of THE most important things going on in the aviation world right now...

As regards the post about IALPA's share purchase representing 'acting in concert' with the ESOT and Irish government - I would say that it's a tough argument unless there's some concrete proof the pilots consulted with the gov't prior to the purchase (and why would they do that?).

12th Oct 2006, 09:32
Do I sense the dead hand of lawyers interfering again? 'twould be nice to know if that's the case. Or is it a case of not wanting to give the company who normally guide the dead hand some free publicity? As for the topic, it ain't exactly Agony Aunt, so I second the respectful appeal of Tooloose.

12th Oct 2006, 10:16
I certainly agree, it is a topic which has wide spread ramifications for other airlines

12th Oct 2006, 10:36
Seems there have been more than the usual number of complaints about Mods in recent times, are they following SOPs or just winging it?
Goodness knows we need them - there are some cretinous and downright offensive posts made, and these need moved / removed - but why are so many threads moved out of the spotlight?

PPRuNe Towers
12th Oct 2006, 10:48
You are all two clicks away from discussing this on another forum within PPRuNe. The original thread here was infiltrated by the massed bands of the spotters, enthusiasts and finance pundits resulting in the final three pages being completely dominated by them getting moist over US immigration pre clearance. That thread has now been given a fresh start over on the AAR forum

That is not a rumours and news topic. The majority of participants posting were the ones the licenced pros constantly bleat about diluting the focus of this forum. Terminal ennui set it and the thread got moved. It remains the so until actual events trigger a pronounced shift of participation over to the pilots and aviation professionals we run the site for.

Rob and Danny