View Full Version : Where did the Korea thread go?

9th Oct 2006, 18:26
Must be some sort of veiled attempt at covering up the truth about a covert nuclear test.........I smell a red herring....:suspect:

tony draper
9th Oct 2006, 18:48
Hmmm, very low yield for a first time Nuke,mebbee they just turfed a few hundred tons of HE down the mine shaft and lit the blue touch paper,cheap way of getting everybodies knickers in a twist.

Not Mushy Clean
9th Oct 2006, 19:30
Where did the Korea thread go?

You mean N.Korea, surely?

The Southern one's are fine, i believe:8

9th Oct 2006, 20:14

My mistake. I was temporarily distracted by my engineers who are feverishly building my fallout shelter.:}

9th Oct 2006, 21:22
I've the terrible feeling we'll see this thread again, titled:
'Where did Korea go?'


9th Oct 2006, 21:29
My first thought exactly when reading the Richter scale reading of only 3.58.

Um... lifting...
10th Oct 2006, 04:30
I am Kim Jong-Il... Dear Leader... you must pay attention to me, and my Mao suit, and my teased-out hair, and my... well, large standing Army... and starving people, and b*llocked economic system... O.K., it was TNT and PETN... you got me...

10th Oct 2006, 06:12
I personally didn't delete it and can't see any deleted (by sommeone else) Korea thread around. Maybe the originator deleted it.