View Full Version : WW2 F4U training video

fescalised portion
9th Oct 2006, 14:38
I don't know if this has been posted before, it's worth a look though....

blue up
9th Oct 2006, 18:37
Is the link duff?

9th Oct 2006, 19:08
Think so... Fescalised can you post again please? :ok:

fescalised portion
10th Oct 2006, 16:05
Sorry guys !! I don't know why the link won't work, but if you type in
"WW2 F4U training video" into the search box onto the page that comes up, then that works.....Still worth a look though !!

10th Oct 2006, 16:23
Try http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-1056703518162002454&q=ww2+f4u

10th Oct 2006, 17:40
Great stuff - thanks very much both!:ok:

11th Oct 2006, 10:38
Fantastic. Many thanks for posting :ok: :ok: :ok: