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9th Oct 2006, 14:18
On the history of the last week, this thread won't last very long, since whoever is doing the moderating these days, and it's clearly not those advertised as so doing, appears to have been given an unlimited supply of padlocks to apply at random.

For the short time this lasts, I want to congratulate Two's In for his thread Letter From Iraq. I exhort everybody to read it, no matter which side of the divide you see yourself as being. Through an accident of birth I avoided active service, but I've spoken to a lot of friends who didn't, and my respect for them and for nearly all fighting men and women is undimmed regardless of the idiocy of decisions made way above them. The Who were rather sadly wrong in saying We Won't Get Fooled Again.

But now, in a forum supposedly designed for heated discussions, all it takes is one twerp who insists on shooting the messenger and the whole thread is padlocked? WTF?

For those interested in a similar view on the effects of war (and that letter was a superb example: I hope it's genuine) I recommend Dear America: Letters Home From Vietnam, and a book called Rumours of War by Phillip Caputo, also based on Vietnam. Both are stunning reminders of the horrors of war.

9th Oct 2006, 14:45
My thoughts exactly!

I'm convinced we have a new and unlisted mod who appears to be taking a scattergun approach for no discernible reason in some cases.

Perhaps we'll both get cast into the sin bin for talking about it!

9th Oct 2006, 15:20
Yer in good company Binos & Frosty, would be happy to join you in the penalty box. Really is unfortunate that a few can spoil it for the many. Would be nice for peeps to present their convictions with a little less passion and for the mods to address the offense / offerders so we know how to interpret the rules. Information and reasoned opinion exchange please, less condescension and arrogance.

9th Oct 2006, 15:31
The aforementioned twerp insists on ruining another thread where reasoned debate may be possible. Look out for the padlock, guys, and in the meantime, precession, I think you've probably had enough for tonight. Thanks for your sensible input.

In case it hadn't got through your blinkered view, what some of us are trying to do here is reintroduce the art of debate. Since you seem to be Australian, I'll remind you of the words of Artie Fadden who took a neophyte member of parliament named Jim Killen aside back in the late 40's and advised him to remember that not all the good batsmen were on the same side.

Perhaps when you wake up tomorrow morning you will realise there is truth in what he said, which extrapolated to this site means that some who accuse you of being pathetic actually agree with your basic hypothesis. If not, I suggest you return to wherever you came from, since JB is no place for hysteria at the moment.

Mac the Knife
9th Oct 2006, 16:36
I suspect that this is a stealthy war of attrition that the powers-that-be will obviously eventually "win".

Agony Aunt was just the first victim.

So it goes....

9th Oct 2006, 18:49
Hermaphrodites are banned from military service, or what? Do tell us more!

Sailor Vee
9th Oct 2006, 19:56
Maybe it's a new mod that hasn't read thisJet Blast Topics that don't fit the other forums. Chill out with a joke or get stuck in a heated debate. Stay out if you are faint hearted and always blame the Americans/French/British (delete as applicable)

The Voice
9th Oct 2006, 22:19
My hubby is going to Iraq in Feb.

May he be blessed with the same common sense as the author of the letter.

May he, and all other people who are bound by alliances and allegiances be returned home safe and sound.

Buster Hyman
9th Oct 2006, 22:39
I wish him a safe tour The Voice!:ok: And to all of our fine ADF personnel!

9th Oct 2006, 23:41
God bless 'im, Voice.
Tell him to log on and give us a report when he can....

10th Oct 2006, 00:28
God bless your husband and keep him safe, Voice ~ and your whole family.

10th Oct 2006, 00:41

Hermaphrodites are banned from military service, or what? Do tell us more!

I suggest that Binos was referring to the method of national service or conscription that operated in Australia during the second half of the 1960s until 1972 which was a ballot based on your birthdate.

It operated every 6 months and all Australian males who turned 20 during that period were required to register (note that at the time you could not vote at 20). A barrel containing a number of marbles, each engraved with a number representing the birthdates for the 6 month period was then used to randomly select the number of conscripts required for that period.

Perhaps Binos, like me, was fortunate enough not to be selected. The reason for national service at the time was to make up sufficient numbers in the army to serve in Vietnam. :sad:

Buster Hyman
10th Oct 2006, 00:44
barrel containing a number of marbles

...and that, my dear friends, is why Hermaphrodites are ruled out!!!:} :ouch: :suspect:

10th Oct 2006, 00:52
pedantic I know, but I was under the impression that hermaphrodites actually had the marbles, as well as ... the barrel I suppose :8

Buster Hyman
10th Oct 2006, 01:22
Yes, but they are veeeeery hard to see....:ooh:

10th Oct 2006, 02:16
PLovett, correct on all counts. I was due in the next draw, but one E.G.Whitlam was elected and abolished National Service as one of his first acts. Not ashamed to say I was elated.

10th Oct 2006, 02:57
Okay, back to 'The Voice'.

God Bless you and your husband and keep him safe. Please keep us updated.

Thank you.

10th Oct 2006, 06:21
You are certainly right about the (usual) few spoiling it for the many. And thanks to Binos and the others for trying to reintroduce the art of debate. I really hope you succeed. Unfortunatly sometimes, when we are short on modding personnell (like in the last week), we cannot spend too much time on threads that are going into the usual direction "I blame the US" vs "I blame the ..." (fill in as appropriate: Islamists, French, tree huggers, etc).