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8th Oct 2006, 13:08
The first known continuous settlement on Wake Island was the PanAm base created in 1935 for their transpacific route. The US joined them later, but the island fell to the Japanese around the beginning of 1942. The island has been used by the Navy and USAF since WW2.

A Cat 5 typhoon hit the island directly in August 2006, the island having been evacuated in advance. Damage is so severe that there is talk of abandoning the island. Will this be a problem in terms of alternates for transpacific flights?

Squealing Pig
8th Oct 2006, 14:34
Seacue, where is Wake Island ? South Pacific I assume

Cheers SP

Ah Found it via Wikipedia and Google Earth 19°17′N 166°36′E

8th Oct 2006, 18:28
Last time I went over Wake Island, last summer, it was at night and I could see the lights, however, the Island is closed to all civil traffic and cannot be used for ETOPS planning.

Therefore, except for the military, the closing of Wake would have little effect on PAC operations.

Now I would think that in case of a dire emergency such as an on-board fire, etc. they would allow one to land there.

SP, Midway is about half way between Hawaii and Guam.

A lot of history on that little atoll.

8th Oct 2006, 19:43
I couldn't get Squealing Pig's co-ordinates to work, these should work if you copy and paste them into google earth for those who are interested.

1916'48.00"N 16638'30.00"E

9th Oct 2006, 03:15
Twas back in 1989 but I was onboard a Transport Canada Flight Inspection Challenger that refuelled at Wake both on the way out & back from a demo in Japan. Judging from the the plaques up in the terminal, the most regular visitors were the JASDF! The contrast between the deep ocean blue and the turquoise of the lagoon was incredible! The most moving sight was the memorial to the Marines who were executed rather than evacuated off after the island's capture.

My guess is that, as the island effectively controls a much larger chunk of the Pacific Ocean,(think 200 NM EDZ) it will not be abandoned.