View Full Version : Mandala 737 off Runway in Indo?

El Lobo Solo
8th Oct 2006, 01:14
Anyone have any details on the 737 that was in the mud on 3 October? I saw it on the news but my Indonesian isn't good enough to understand what was going on. It didn't look too bad, maybe a runway overrun.

Just curious what happened.


8th Oct 2006, 11:41
check Google, you'll find info...
or go to

8th Oct 2006, 15:32
El Lobo Solo,

Not an overrun... Reportedly a below minima landing.

3 Versions are around at the moment.

Captain's interview in public:
he said he was pushed by a gust from the left and upon the roll out while correcting to the centerline, there was a tyre burst and it swung to the left, ending up 180deg back and on the swamp next to the runway..

Unconfirmed eye witness:
He was not visible from the tower till he was at 100 feet. He was also completely unaligned with the runway. He should have immediately climbed straight out. But amazingly (or stupidly) he tried to make it. He went into a 35 to 40 degree bank, 100 feet above the ground with full thrust. Well, his wing clipped the ground and sucked him down. The engine exploded in a huge fireball and was ripped off, followed by the landing gear. The airplane spun around, skidded over a fairly high embankment, through some vegetation, and came to a stop in less than 1000 feet. What's unbelievable is that there were no fatalities. There weren't even any serious injuries, which just baffles me. The main thing is that there was no ensuing fire...which under the circumstances is pretty remarkable.

But perhaps what's even more remarkable is that when the guys got to the scene, the pilot, co-pilot and engineer where standing beside their wreckage, accepting the full congratulations of the flight crew for such a splendid job at saving their lives. I needn't remind you that the whole reason they wrecked in the first place was b/c of the stupidity and pride of the pilots.

Another version:
One of the colleagues of the crew stated that the crew said Went below minima on a straight in VOR, expected the runway slightly to their right. They were surprised they ended up on the other side of the centerline, tried to correct it, did not go around due to the hills on the otherside of the airport, and the rest of it you know.

Some 270ft-ers 2000m from the end of 24... they landed 06.

What's funny was the National Transportation Safety Committee's Go Team was flown in under the same condition where minima requirements was broken. Aircraft is a write off.

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