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25th Sep 2001, 00:05
He does'nt know when to give up does he, check this article in the FT out-
http://news.ft.com/ft/gx.cgi/ftc ?pagename=View&c=Article&cid=FT33L2TLQRC&live=true (http://news.ft.com/ft/gx.cgi/ftc?pagename=View&c=Article&cid=FT33L2TLQRC&live=true)

A few of his Gems are-

"The extraordinarily impressive development of the TCAS system, now mandatory, shows what technology can do: aircraft, fitted with transponders, are automatically diverted away from mid-air collisions."

I'll just watch what the AP does next time I get an RA.

But the most crass statement has to be-

"There will be an expectation of government support and we may well see attempts at recapitalisation by government-owned companies. But privately owned companies should not expect or, in my opinion, be given state grants. The solution here is to face the fact that there have been too many airlines - particularly in Europe - for too long and to consolidate or liquidate. And if there is to be state help, it should be in making this possible."

So we'll just have to let the lean & mean airlines go to the wall while the old goliaths continue gobbling up government money then. How about any subsidies shared between all airlines or no subsidies at all.

:eek: :eek: :eek:

What planet is he from.

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Jack The Lad
25th Sep 2001, 01:22

I couldn't agree more. What logic is there in differentiating between government and privately owned airlines? Why is one deserving and not the other?

More to the point, it is widely recognised that many of the airlines that have seen very significant cut backs in recent weeks were already facing financial difficulties before the event. BA and Virgin are two notable examples within the UK. Recent events have exacerbated their pre-existing problems. The supreme irony here is that maybe the guy concerned had contributed significantly to those pre-existing problems in BA. That makes his comments even more difficult to swallow. Has he no shame?

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25th Sep 2001, 09:49
How this man has the audacity to speak about anything aviation and why any publication would want his views on such a subject I find mind boggling!!

Hugh Jorgen
25th Sep 2001, 10:50

25th Sep 2001, 14:28
Anything that's come from the idiot that ruined BA is a bloody cheek, I couldn't agree more Hugh What a **** :mad: :mad:

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Doors to Automatic
25th Sep 2001, 15:32
Could not agree more. The guy is an a**e of the highest order.

25th Sep 2001, 16:08
obviously, he is not the right person to deliver a line like: there are too many airlines in europe.

but im afraid, he might be at least right on that. we will have to face the loss of flag carriers in europe. either now or in 12 months time if they (e.g. SN) manage to get governemental support.

Haulin' Trash
25th Sep 2001, 19:57
Agree that Ayling is just that, but hold on...... BA was a recipient of Government largesse in the past, Non? Short memories? :rolleyes:

25th Sep 2001, 20:55
yep .. saw the article in the FT...

Bob suggests we are to have a "ground overide" in the event of being hijacked - obviously these terrorists are not clever enough to think of a way to hack into that system then........

26th Sep 2001, 17:31
You mean as much largesse as the likes of Air France pour example???