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tony draper
7th Oct 2006, 10:20
One a subject that has been discussed here on many occasions,havent read it all meself yet as it is a tad lengthy


7th Oct 2006, 10:59
Interesting points made towards the end of the document about the decentralisation of industry ameliorating the bombs' effects on plant and machinery, and that the centralisation of medical facilities ensured that the response to the attack would be severely compromised (as had been shown in Germany).

The descriptions of radiation disease (at that time, understandably, poorly understood) are particularly chilling. In the 1950s, research was carried out by injecting terminally-ill patients with plutonium - including, if I remember correctly, a patient who had been misdiagnosed and was only suffering from an ulcer. Ouch.


7th Oct 2006, 11:39
Did he become a super-hero after that?