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7th Oct 2006, 03:32
Of course, I'm not going to do anything, but hey, that's not important really.

satire above this line
no satire below this line

ok, and now to the matter at hand and a little explanation to my post yesterday about my "problem" (you had to be quick to see it cos it didn't last long) :{

I got a PM today wishing me good luck if it was real and suggesting I grow up if it was a piss take.

Well I'm sorry to say it was a piss take...

... but not in the way you might think

I was making fun, not of the people who actually suffer something I have very little contact with or understanding of, but of high elected officials who can't seem to keep their dicks in their pants.

Alchoholism seemd to be a quick and easy defense for this person and one I don't find believable. My other comments were related to the attempts by, well his chums I suppose, to muddy the waters between what he was doing and, well something else entirely.

It was satire and I had hoped it was obvious by my final comment whose humor was tempered by its predictability. If you missed it, I suggested I would start rebuilding my life by "turning over a new page" :hmm:

Well at least one person read it incorrectly, perhaps because they have seen more than I have, and for that I am sorry, and yes, I do take responsibility for that.

7th Oct 2006, 03:56
Okay my son, I forgive you.

But don't do it again.:=

Unless you want to.:E

7th Oct 2006, 07:34



7th Oct 2006, 07:47
I was worried that it signalled the end of YOUR career, but I understand the subject has been forced to withdraw (not that I'm suggesting that they ever achieved any penetration. It just sucks IMHO.)
Keep it up (Woops!).

7th Oct 2006, 09:04
These kind of situations can get very sticky.

7th Oct 2006, 16:30
I saw what you posted................

You're right though. How many asshats out there in all manner of official capacities have been caught out in their dishonesty and pretty much try anything to save their necks. An admission of convenience?

7th Oct 2006, 17:05

7th Oct 2006, 17:09
Above line.


"...officials who can't seem to keep their dicks in their pants."

You're in politics?

I thought you were in aviation.

Oh, wait!

Similar symptoms.



Below line.

Two's in
7th Oct 2006, 19:50
I missed all of this, otherwise I would never have just posted that terrible, judgemental, so-called "joke" about men and boys. I realize now just how easy it is to become a stereotypical neanderthal who regards comments about highly respected politicians as in some way "funny", and not recognize them for what they are, a relentless attack on the moral fiber of our very society. I too have certainly learned from Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!'s mistake, and will always stick up for politicians in future, especially at Boy Scout jamborees when they can't get there themselves.

Ashamedly yours,